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InternetIs the infrastructure of the internet in the UK better than elsewhere on Earth, or is lagging behind a number of countries in this respect?

The United Kingdom is frequently criticized, both by its own people and by others from around the world, for how far behind the times it appears to be in various areas.

Prime Minister David Cameron himself said the UK were also-rans in terms of the money it makes from exporting goods, while everything else, from the panic that sets in whenever a thin layer of snow hits the ground to how the national football team performs, is often open to ridicule. Continue reading

Tim Berners-LeeTim Berners-Lee, the man credited with founding the World Wide Web as we know it today, has made no secret of the fact that he always wanted the internet to be available to everybody.

His famous quote, “The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect,” underlines his desire for the Internet to be available globally, and his work with the World Wide Web Foundation (WWW3) in the past has helped him go some way towards securing that vision.

In recent years, Berners-Lee has been working with WWW3 to help create a coalition of private sector, public sector, and other organisations, that come together with the shared aim of making the Internet available and affordable to people in developing countries. This global initiative, called the Alliance for Affordable Internet (or A4AI) aims to help billions more users to get online. Continue reading

WordPress LogoNot so long ago, was presented a beta version of the tool web-design WordPress 3.6. At the moment, has become available and the official release (WordPress 3.6 “Oscar”), which, compared to the previous release, offers 729 fixes and improvements.

Recall that WordPress is a solution for the administration of the sites. The program is open source, written in PHP, as well as a database using MySQL. With WordPress you can create beautiful web-sites, blogs, news feeds and sophisticated online shopping. Built-in “order” and “plug-ins” with the successful architecture allows the construction of virtually any project. Continue reading

Joint Terrorism Task ForceJoint Terrorism Task Force visited a family because of Googling a backpack and pressure cooker

One of police officers told “that they do this about 100 times a week, and that 99 of those visits turn out to be nothing.” BE CAREFUL what you Google!

Michele Catalano, a freelance writer, decided to cook quinoa in the pressure cooker, and her husband wanted a new backpack. Like in most cases, the couple decided to Google the future purchases.

At first, it took its normal course, however, soon, the married couple was visited by policemen from the terrorism task force department. The matter is that her husband left his job, and his boss decided to check the history of the web-browser, and then he turned to the law-enforcement authorities. Continue reading

Twitter advertisingTwitter releases updated version of the client software for the operating system iOS, Android and Mac OS.

In version fixed some bugs that previously pointed users related platforms. Also, there has been improved job search and implemented a system of direct synchronization of messages between all Twitter clients for different platforms.

Implementation of synchronization Twitter DM (Direct Messages) allows the user to not receive notification messages that have been previously read to them from another device. Previously, the system was based on the fact that a user can only have one device, Sharing of information between the mobile and desktop clients also was not provided. Now, the system has a uniform marking system and information management. Continue reading

Linux vs WindowsAfter Successfully migrate public institutions on Linux, the City Council of Munich did not stop there and took the initiative to provide all residents of tools for the transition from Windows XP to Linux.

According to the plan, which passed the stage of preliminary approval, until the spring of next year it is planned to extend about two thousand CDs with the distribution Lubuntu, edited Ubuntu Linux based environment LXDE, oriented to be used on older systems.

Currently in use in Germany is about 20 million computers that are running the operating system Windows XP, released 11 years ago. Time release updates for Windows XP until April of next year, and users of the system will face the challenge of transition to a newer version of Windows, which is more demanding on system resources. As one of the main purposes of migration is called the reduction of electronic waste – instead of recycling still working computers that do not meet the requirements of Windows 7 and Windows 8, such systems can provide many more years if they are to be installed less intensive operating system. Continue reading

Hands off My meta dataFollowing the companies Facebook and Microsoft, said on Saturday about how many requests from U.S. government agencies they got in the second half of 2012, with a similar report today made by Apple.

It agrees to the data declared by the company, in the period from December 1 to May 31, she received about 5,000 requests for disclosure of user information. In comparison, for the period from 1 July to 31 December 2012 Facebook received about 10,000 queries, Microsoft – about 7,000 requests.

“Like a few other companies, we turned to the U.S. government for permission to publish information related to how many requests we have received from the authorities and how many of them we have processed,” – said in a statement Apple. “We have received permission to publish some of the data, and now offer them in the interest of transparency of our policy.” Continue reading

Hands off My meta dataUnder the influence of public pressure, the companies Facebook and Microsoft opened the figures related to the issuance of requests for information from the U.S. government.

The publication of the company should be in the background of how the U.S. government erupted around the scandal involving the government closed by PRISM data collection.

Noteworthy is the fact that Google has joined the initiative Facebook and Microsoft, to disclose similar information to the public.

According to published data on Friday evening, the company Facebook has received from the U.S. government in the second half of 2012, nearly 10,000 requests for the issuance of data about users. This number includes requests from the U.S. local and federal authorities, as well as state governments. There are those in the classified requests made by the U.S. secret services. Following Facebook, Microsoft announced that it had received about 7,000 similar requests in the second half of 2012. Continue reading

PRISM programThe Washington Post reports on a top-secret program, data analysis National Security Agency, which, among other works directly on the servers of Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple.

“NSA and FBI are sitting directly on the central servers of nine leading U.S. Internet companies, for extracting video, audio, photos, mail, documents and communication logs that track the movement of people and their contacts with the passage of time” – the newspaper writes.

Details about  the program ‘Project PRISM’ vague, but apparently the NSA appealed to the Attorney General and the Director of National Intelligence for permission to “discover these servers for units Data Intercept Technology Unit FBI.” Continue reading

Gmail for Android and iOSGoogle today released an updated version of the mail client Gmail for the operating systems Android and iOS.

New versions of applications received an updated look, automatic labels for letters and new categories of letters – Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums.

The company said that the new version of the solution also supports a large degree of customization and work with new touch screens. New versions of applications users were able to “flip” the letters with simple gestures on the screen, and use the filters using gestures. In addition, the mobile application is capable of learning and trying to eventually filter out incoming emails itself, providing access primarily to the correspondence, which he most waits. Continue reading

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