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Hacking Games

In this article I have discusses whether altering games by hacking them is ethically correct or not.

Hackers are commonly characterised as people who only want to spread misery amongst people. This isn’t the case. Some hackers just want to make things easier for themselves. One use a hacker can get out of a game is by changing the gameplay mechanics so they effectively create an entirely new game.

Hackers have also gained a lot of negative attention from the ethical side of things. There are those who say changing games like this is ethically wrong. We explore whether this is the case or not.

We ask this question, whether this is ethical, or even legal. Continue reading

Nintendo Wii U has been hacked

Nintendo Wii UNintendo says it is “aware” of hacking claims, but has “no reports” of Wii U games being played from USB media.

The hacker group Wiikey, which created one of the first mod of chips for the first console Nintendo Wii, reported about the reverse-engineering of software Nintendo and created solutions to run the games Nintendo Wii U with external media, such as USB-drives. “Yes, it is absolutely real. We were able to completely bypass the authentication system Wii U Drive, encryption system, file system,” said a statement on the website Wiikey. Continue reading

Security BooksHacking Secret Ciphers with Python and Security Engineering published in open access.

Sponsored open public access to two interesting books on computer security and programming:

1. “Hacking Secret Ciphers with Python” (PDF, HTML) – a book at the same time introducing the programming language Python and cryptography. The book includes a review of the work of many cryptographic applications written in Python. The text of the book is opened under the license Creative Commons by-nc-sa. Continue reading

Lock iPhone again bypassed

Lock iPhoneOnly a day ago, Apple has released a patch for the operating system iOS 6.1, which has been previously identified vulnerabilities, allows potential attackers to bypass the lock screen and gain unauthorized access to your phone.

Day before Apple announced that it has closed a loophole, but it is already appeared on the Internet video, which demonstrates an example bypass and upgraded security systems, however, this time you can only get access to a smart phone dialer and contact book.

Now beat the system smartphone protection managed by extraction from SIM-card phones during an emergency call. True, the new trick works only on smartphones iPhone, which supports voice assistant Siri.

In order to protect the owners of older models Phone and IPod Touch, that do not support Siri, should disable voice dialing, go to Settings: Settings > General > Passcode Lock. Owners of iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 should disable access to Siri from the lock screen: Settings > General > Passcode Lock. Continue reading

South Korea cyberattackThe Republic of Korea reported that hacker attacks on its television stations and banks has been carried out with the IP-address registered in China.

The authorities of the affected country suggest that the hackers attack through Chinese proxy could make North Korea.

Some time ago, the Korean telecom regulator said that hackers used a Chinese IP-addresses and to attack with the aim of placing malicious code on Korean computers. They also state that have not yet completed the investigation and continue to search for the final attack organizers.

This is also indicated by the one of the sources in the presidential administration. As a result of a hacker attack stopped working servers television companies YTN, MBC and KBS, as well as two large banks – Shinhan Bank and NongHyup Bank.

“Unidentified Chinese hackers used IP-addresses to communicate with servers Korean organizations and the arrangement of the malware. At this stage, we continue to make efforts to establish the source of the attacks. While we do not make any conclusions, but at the same time, nothing not rule out “- has twisted the head of Korean telecom regulator Park Jae-moon. Continue reading

hackedComputer networks of three South Korean television and at least two banks were paralyzed during the coordinated attacks that occurred today.

Authorities in Seoul could not immediately determine the cause of computer errors. The Ministry of Defence refused to share guesses, could have appeared such attacks. All suspects North Korea.

“Reports of hacking came almost simultaneously, so we immediately sent to the affected campaigns our investigators,” – said the representative of the agency to combat cyber-terrorism in an interview with Yonhap News.

National broadcaster KBS, MBC and YTN reported breaking day, when they saw that their computer networks for no apparent reason stopped working. also affected and mounting hardware, which is directly reflected in the broadcasts. In addition, a similar problem arose in staff Shinhan Bank and Nonghyup Bank.

A few hours after the burglary, the representatives of South Korean intelligence accused Pyongyang of implementation of cyber-attacks in order to prevent the unrest and the effective work of the government. Continue reading

hacking the art of exploitationDemonstrated the method of removal of restrictions firmware NVIDIA GTX690 graphics card.

As you know, some inexpensive card NVIDIA have identical hardware stuffing with more expensive and efficient models, but are limited in their ability level firmware.

Enthusiasts have found a way to remove these limitations by removing the two resistors on the board. After these manipulations are available for the system blocked in some cheaper models features (GPU frequency is not changed), which allows the presence of the appropriate drivers to bring the functionality of the NVIDIA GTX690 graphics card to the level of the model Quadro K5000, which is more expensive than the initial fee of $ 800, or Tesla K10. Continue reading

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