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Mobile Device ManagementTell me, who hasn’t observed this: Smartphones and tablets were first birthed into the consumer marketplace.

There, they were joyfully received. And just as quickly, it seemed, they were snapped up by the corporate world, where they wasted no time in changing that landscape in a number of radical and significant ways.

And today, there’s no doubt that the modern employee requires the ability to work wherever and whenever they want to. They demand the ability to be mobile at work. Continue reading

lg g flexThe second generation of LG G Flex model is finally in stores.

The original G Flex model had 6 inch screen but in the new model the screen is reduced to 5.5 inches. The new model has many new spectacular specs including octa-core Snapdragon 810 CPU. It has 1080 p OLED display.

The sides of the phone are curved which makes it bend-resistant. The back of the phone is made of plastic and is also scratch resistant. As the phone has the new self-healing technology, it can heal from scratches really very fast. Continue reading

Nexus 6 vs iPhone 6Google claims that its flagship smartphone Nexus 6 would be one of the best phones in the market.

It is not yet launched but we will compare Apple’s iPhone 6 with whatever we have been told about Nexus 6 for now.

There are three different models of Apple’s iPhone 6 available in the market. The 128GB model of iPhone is available in the market for £699. The 64 GB model is available for £619 and the 16GB version is available for £539. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Round Vs. LG G FlexIf you can’t decide which curved smartphones to get then read our in-depth review here.

South Korea is playing host to the latest round in the ongoing slugfest between Samsung and LG, as both have brought their newest design innovations to market in the same month.

The Round and the Flex are both new takes on phone design, incorporating a curve that is meant to be more ergonomic and easier to hold, carry and use. Continue reading

Playstation 4As yet another generation of consoles emerge in the gaming world, the Playstation 4 once again seems set to lead!

All gamers know that the best time of year is coming, when the gaming giants Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft unleash their latest offerings to the gaming community, often to rapture and applause.

It’s been a tradition for some years now that Sony’s offering, the ‘Playstation’, leads its competitors in terms of pure processing power. Continue reading

10 Gadgets To Buy This Christmas

Christmas GadgetsLet’s look at the hottest gadgets this holiday season. Here are the 10 most interesting ones.

Christmas – the ultimate time of the year that’s perfect for shopping and finding some new gizmos that you can add either to your own personal collection or to a close friend’s. While many people can resist the urge to shop throughout the year, the Christmas spirit is one that is hard to compete with.

Everyone around you is doing the holiday rush and even if you really want to save money, it won’t be hard to convince you that you need to buy at least one thing that you really want. You’ve earned it anyway. Continue reading

The Charming Sony Xperia U

Sony Xperia U smartphonIf you’re looking for a relatively cheap smart phone that looks good and performs quite well, you can’t go wrong with the Xperia U.

Way back in 2012 Sony released their much-awaited Xperia U, and it was yet another model that Sony enthusiasts were keen to get their hands on. The smooth design and clean finish is what you would expect from a Sony mobile, but has it lived up to expectations or was it just a ploy by Sony to get more cash from their admirers while they worked on their ‘Next big phone’?

The Sony Xperia U is a small Android phone that is more powerful than it looks. The 1 GHz STE Dual Core processor makes for fast operation and the colorful end caps enable you to change the phone’s appearance quickly and easily should you wish. Continue reading

Baby Monitor

What is a baby monitor and why has it reached prominence today? Here are the important baby monitors and their features that we use in our daily life.

Every baby monitor has its own peculiar feature and we need to know about them in detail before buying one in the market. Here is something that we need to know about the baby monitors.

In many developed countries, the moms are unable to stay with their child all the time. They need to go outside for working and are unable to come home in the middle. So they need something to take care of their child. On such occasions, they will be guided by a baby monitor that keeps track of every activity of the child and sends message to you whenever you are outside. Thus you will be able to know what your child is doing the whole day.

What is the technology adopted in these baby monitors for keeping track of the babies? There are many different techniques that help you to keep track of them. The best feature of these baby monitors is that they are available both in wired as well as wireless models. You can choose the one which suits you the best. There are several thousands of new models which come to the market daily, but they are all dependent on these two basic models. Continue reading

The Top Tablets For Your Kids

Lexibook Junior TabletChoosing a tablet as a present for your kid? Excellent idea!

A tablet is great to do loads of things on the move. Your kid will appreciate a new world of creative activities and hobbies to enjoy either alone or with friends.

1. Lexibook Junior Tablet

This is a marvelous gadget to educate your kids by stealth. The School Zone apps cover a vast educational content of school curriculum. The Power Academy app contains miscellaneous tests and fun quizzes to broaden kids’ knowledge on Math, English, History, and Geography. Also there are several hundred e-books for kids pre-loaded and sorted out by categories. The 15-language translator is perfect help in language mastering. Besides there are 52 do-it-yourself activities to any taste starting from scientific experiments and food recipes to drawing and coloring. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy GearOf all the next technological devices to have been launched over the last few years, not many have received as much attention as Samsung’s new Galaxy Gear.

What sets the Galaxy Gear apart from the pack, of course, is that it isn’t a smartphone or a tablet – it’s a smartwatch.

The device was officially unveiled by Samsung head honcho JK Shin at the IFA 2013 trade show, and will be released in more than 100 countries around the world on September 25.

However, tech fans in the US and Japan will have to wait until October before they can get their hands on the Galaxy Gear – or, more to the point, before they can get their Galaxy Gear around their wrist. So what does the Galaxy Gear have to offer, and is it really all it’s being cracked up to be? Continue reading

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