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The world of PC gaming continues to thrive. You could say that it is now more popular than ever with superpowers like Twitch, Steam, and VR feeding into this.

With this popularity comes the ability to customize and buy your own gaming PC. One of the most important parts of choosing your PC is style. In this day and age, it’s easy to build a cool desk setup with great peripherals and personalized lighting – in fact, it’s becoming one of the most popular perks of PC gaming (besides actually playing the games). Continue reading

video gamerIn theory, every single gamer has the same odds. In most competitive video games, especially those that are nowadays getting universally recognized as e-sports (MOBAs, Battle Royale, MMORPG, online FPS), all that you can pay for are some aesthetic upgrades.

Nevertheless, claiming that a smart investment can’t improve one’s efficiency is outright ridiculous.

A split-second advantage that you can receive from the ability to stream snipe against your opponent (and inspect their mini-map) or by being able to counter their pick with an ideal choice of your own is something for which you need dual monitors, a smartphone or a tablet. In other words, some gadgets are more than capable of providing you with a competitive advantage and here are some of them. Continue reading

Hybrids laptopsStaying in touch with the virtual world 24 hours a day has become the need of the moment, and that’s why tablets and netbooks are considered the integral part of lives today.

With a plethora of components, tablets have started to replace the other devices. Does that mean the era of netbooks is over?

No, there is something else coming up, and before sneaking over that, here is what you need to know all about netbooks and tablets. Continue reading

High-tech Kitchen Gadgets

smart platesSince its humble beginnings, the art of preparing food has come a long way. Today, everyone can have exotic spices and cooking ingredients from half a world away in their kitchen cabinet. However, this is not all that has improved.

The introduction of new gadgets into our kitchens is a process that has lasted for over a century now.

Still, having an electric oven, fridge and coffee maker are no longer things to be impressed with. Today, we live in a digital world, a world of hyper-connectivity and the Internet of Things. With this in mind, here are a few gadgets that can truly introduce your kitchen to the 21st century. Continue reading

The Ultimate Best Gadget For Child

imagesIf you are inclined to provide a tween boy something he can utilize to interact and play with buddies, you are certainly going to be guaranteed a satisfied look from your recipient. 13 year-old teenage boys can be hard to buy for. Little boys will certainly locate this kit a little surprising.

If you’re working with kids, I advise using paper. Kids don’t need the most recent toy or gadget, kids require parents most of all. If you’re similar to me, you will also wind up wishing you were a kid, just so that YOU could secure a number of these hot toys. Continue reading

7 Everyday Technologies You are surrounded by technologies and gadgets, but there are several technologies you use on a daily basis without realizing.

These technologies have significant roles on the way you do your things.

Here are 7 everyday technologies you don’t realize you use. Continue reading

Sony Alpha A58 FeaturedAnyone interested in becoming something more than an amateur digital photographer has one major hurdle to overcome: the price of a quality DSLR.

Digital cameras equipped with the right features, specifications, and capabilities don’t come cheap, no matter where you’re shopping, because when it comes to photography a higher price does generally equate to higher quality. But, that isn’t to say you need to fork out a load of dough to start taking near-perfect photographs with a new camera, as camera models do exist that are the perfect blend of affordable and functional. The Sony Alpha A58 is the prime example. Continue reading

China SmartphonesWant to learn about some smartphones unlike any you’ve seen before?

These smartphones from China will make you wonder “What were they thinking?” “Why don’t I already own this?” or “What’s next?”

1. Golden Buddha Phone

Marketed as an elegant smartphone for the successful businesswoman, the Golden Buddha Phone is shaped like a 90s Tamagotchi pet and flips open to reveal a rounded screen and keyboard. The exterior is decorated with a genuine jade stone, ‘pearl lacquer powder,’ and a 24-karat gold plated finish– all of which we can only assume is real. Continue reading

Pebble Time Vinyl SkinThere’s a reason why smartwatches are rapidly growing in popularity.

For those of us tired of pulling out our smartphones from our pockets or bags just to read a text that simply says “lol”, a smartwatch lets us see the note with a simple tilt of our wrist.

On top of time saving measures that allow us to quickly read our phone’s notifications, smartwatches are designed to run all of your favourite apps like Pandora, Uber, ESPN, and Jawbone. Continue reading

HP OmenHP Omen 15-5116TX: Laptop loaded with Bang & Olufsen technology powered speakers, which create ideal environment for gaming

After three years of absence from the gaming-centric laptop arena, HP in November last year got back in the scene with the Omen notebook. The HP Omen 15-5116TX is being called the personal computer manufacturer’s first true-gaming laptop, which the brand developed in partnership with Bang & Olufsen. Now HP recently launched the Omen 15-5116TX in the Indian market. Continue reading

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