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Nowadays, open public Wi-Fi hotspots are quite common in caffes and malls; something that is a blessing in disguise for people on the go. But wait! Is your online credential secured enough not to be hacked when accessed through an open network? Well, with the amount of fiscal rip-off these days, you just cannot trust […]

Walk into any Starbucks, McDonald’s or the snack bar at the local public grocery store and you are certain to find people working on their laptops taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi these businesses offer. While this is a convenient (and free) way to access the web, it may not be the safest. That’s because […]

Keeping an Android device secured should be a priority by any mobile user. With the numerous reports regarding cyber crimes and malicious applications that have been circulating around the mobile industry these days, getting your Android data protected at all cost should be given some priority. This is important especially when you are one among […]

The information that you put online could be accessed by almost anybody if you don’t take steps to protect it. This means that your social security number, your bank account details or even information about your children could be out there for everyone to see. It’s important that you keep yourself safe from harmful online […]

Hackers from Hak5 group in far 2008 developed a “espionage” Access Point which was intercepted on itself all WiFi-connections around. Technically, this is was accomplished by a positive answer to absolutely everything identification requests WiFi Beacon Frames. If the laptop was looking for an SSID of Starbucks, spyware AP says, “Thats Me!” if he is […]

Saw the release distribution Scientific Linux 6.4, built on packet-based Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 and supplemented with funds focused on the use of scientific institutions. Distribution available for the i386 and x86_64, is available for download multiple assemblies: installation DVD (3.4 GB), a full set of two DVD (4.2 GB + 420 MB) and […]

In the words of the English poet John Donne, “man – not an island, and he can not live alone.” The same can be said of any home network, it does not belong only to the owner. Friends and family more often consider it their natural right of personal mobile devices to connect to the […]