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Start-ups are the new fad in the entrepreneurial world and there has never been a better time to start a company from the ground and taking it to the stars. This, however, is also the age of the digital entrepreneur and rather than a few thousand pounds, all you need is a laptop, a great […]

The online betting market is expected to 100 Bn USD in the next 5 years time. (Source: Online betting can be a very lucrative business, but to succeed you need some experience and know-how to make a major profit. To be successful in online betting, you’ll need reliable online betting software. In the online […]

The pace of technological advancement is increasing rapidly these days. Companies that cannot keep up with the increasing demands of their businesses in terms of technological tools, might be left behind by their major competitors. Of course, for their business to continue expanding, entrepreneurs need to adapt to the new trends in technology that their […]

Are you running a website? If so, you probably be putting a lot of efforts, time and money in promoting it on social media platforms. After all, it is one of the best ways to drive more traffic and have increased conversion rate. But how do you know that you are having a good impact […]

The article briefly explains how search engine optimization for law firm plays a crucial role in improving its online visibility. As Google and other search engines keep updating their algorithms, it is understandable that some law firms think of SEO as a poor investment. However, SEO still plays an important in improve your law firm […]

In this article, I explain how the web can be used as a creative tool and not just something that gives you access to cat videos. The web is useful for many amazing things, but perhaps you didn’t realise how powerful it could be as a tool for creation. Many of us tend to think […]

Ever since the phrase, ‘no man is an island’ was coined, everyone has learned the value of networking. Online, traffic and sales often depend on how widespread your message is and just how trustworthy your brand appears to be. This means that you need an endorsement from sources which people consider to be trusted and […]

Following the release of the broadcasting Chromecast device, Google introduced tools for developers focused on creating software for the devices. Recall that Chromecast designed for streaming online broadcast from your computer (tablet or smartphone) on the TV. Currently Chromecast focused primarily on the transfer of videos from YouTube and Google Play. According to the documentation […]

July 5th, 2013 will be held on-line conference “Development of modern applications with Visual Studio 2013.” As part of a special conference “Development of modern applications with Visual Studio 2013” leading Microsoft experts will introduce you to the new development tools and testing isual Studio 2013. At the conference, they will tell the latest news […]

Company CyberLink Corporation has released a new version of its popular package to work with video files – CyberLink PowerDirector 11. The updated solution offers a wide range of powerful tools and technologies that significantly accelerate and automate the processing of video data of any complexity. The new version will allow you to convert files […]