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The KDE project has announced the release of Plasma Media Center 1.1 (PMC). Plasma Media Center is a unified interface for multimedia content on the desktop PCs, netbooks, tablets, TVs and other devices, which can be run environment KDE. PMC has a typical media center functions and allows you to display pictures, play music and […]

XBMC development team presented to the public a new version of its eponymous product XBMC 12.1 FINAL, cross-platform media center software with open source. XBMC product allows users to organize, access to personal collections of media files on the PC hard disk, optical disk or network storage, and provides everything you need to play multimedia […]

KDE project introduced the first release of a new application – Plasma Media Center 1.0.0 (PMC), which provides a unified interface for multimedia content on desktop PCs, netbooks, tablets, TVs and other devices, which can be run environment KDE. PMC has a typical media center functions and allows you to display images, play music and […]

Two months later, after considerable production represented 12.0 Update Open Media Center XBMC 12.1, much of which was an adjustment in nature and address the identified problems in the operation. Finished installation packages are available for Mac OS X (x86, PPC), FreeBSD, Linux (ARM, PPC, x86, and x86-64), Android, Raspberry Pi, Windows, Apple TV, and […]

The new version of the product MediaPortal 1.3.0 for the operating system Windows. Is an open source software turns your home computer into a full-fledged media center. Users will be able to arrange convenient access to your digital music library and Internet radio stations, and also will have everything you need for comfortable viewing of […]

Are you running a website? If so, you probably be putting a lot of efforts, time and money in promoting it on social media platforms. After all, it is one of the best ways to drive more traffic and have increased conversion rate. But how do you know that you are having a good impact […]

Did you know the energy used to power the data centers in the U.S. alone is almost at 2% of our total usage? Expertly installed data center racks can reduce cooling needs and optimize storage space. Google is combating this issue by allegedly building a data center on a barge that runs on power obtained by the sea!

Social media and business go hand in hand. These days, social media creates more impact in our life than anything else. Out of 10 people, you will find 7 to 8 people are surfing net in their mobile phones or in laptops. They are crazy about the social media and it help them get the […]

Last week, a number of U.S. media reported that in the state of Iowa is building a major new data center, the owner of which was unknown, and no official information about the new project was not. This in turn has generated a lot of rumors about who it could be. Not surprisingly, there were […]

After several years of development represented release xine-lib 1.2.3, the popular multi-platform library for playing video and audio files, as well as a set of related plug-ins. The library can be used in a number of popular video players, including Xine-UI, gxine, Totem, kaffeine. Xine supports work in multi-threaded mode, and supports a large number […]