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Data management and protection is crucial to the success of any business. Some of the data that requires proper management and protection are; inventory, company expansion plans, financial reports, customer database, trending analysis and so forth. After putting so much effort in collecting the data, the wrong type of storage solution can disrupt the momentum […]

In today’s world, business cannot survive without information. They cannot make do without the latest of technology. Data technology is catching on pretty fast. This is because of the discovery that with plenty of data, businesses are able to make better decisions. The main challenges that businesses have when it comes to data related issues […]

Keeping the data on your laptop and computer safe is not easy, as you can easily lose all your storage in just a blink. Losing all the data on your computer impacts your life a great deal, especally when you lose some important files. These could be anything from personal photographs, to business documents. Either […]

Cleaning up cell phone storage is like trying to get rid of junk, while organizing a kitchen catchall drawer. You open it and see enough miscellaneous items to fill two or three drawers, and often you reach a point of having to do decide what to do with it all, which means choosing what to […]

Did you know the energy used to power the data centers in the U.S. alone is almost at 2% of our total usage? Expertly installed data center racks can reduce cooling needs and optimize storage space. Google is combating this issue by allegedly building a data center on a barge that runs on power obtained by the sea!

There is no point of having identical items in the mailbox. Duplicate items in the mailbox are inessential and they make the database files to expand redundantly. Although, MS Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010 provide large storage capacity of PST files, but accumulation of duplicate items in PST files may result in slower email communication. […]

Center of Excellence (CoE) is created in organizations to build capabilities that deliver value for businesses and promotes a culture of knowledge management within the organization. CoEs are also called centers of expertise depending on the focus and scope of business. The focus areas of CtrlS data centers include enterprise information management, data integration, storage, […]

Running a business is no more a cakewalk in today’s epoch. You need to be attentive, alert and updated regarding the latest techniques and methods which could keep your business in the long run. Besides, there are many other aspects which you need to ponder upon. There are times when entrepreneurs forget to take care […]

How can market researchers harness big data without falling into privacy traps. Big data is one of the latest tech buzz phrases, and hardly a day passes when you don’t see big data mentioned on your social media stream. The phrase describes the vast amount of information that’s being generated on planet Earth every day; […]

Protect Your Data

Cloud storage is growing among businesses but there are certain things you must know about your storage company to get the write coverage to protect your data. Companies everywhere are quickly learning about the revolutionary storage method for their data. Cloud computing services are a cost-effective and convenient way of storing one’s data without having […]