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With the announcement of the game and media console new generation of Xbox One passed three weeks and yesterday, Microsoft has finally disclosed the cost of the device: it was at the upper limit of analysts’ expectations, a very risky area, according to them: $ 499. Recall that the Xbox One runs on the 8-core […]

Microsoft on Monday on the conference-exhibition E3 in Los Angeles presented a few new games, focused on the game console Xbox One, which is expected to release in November this year. Last month, the company showed the console itself, and also briefly spoke about its non-gaming capabilities. Now the presentation was almost entirely devoted to […]

Ubisoft and Electronic Arts presented a new games for the PS4 and Xbox One Games publishers, the company Ubisoft and Electronic Arts, independently of each other in the framework of ongoing conference E3, presented their gaming news. In total, the two companies have shown nearly two dozen new games as well as extensions of previously […]

Microsoft corporation presented its new Xbox One console yesterday more details of which would be discussed within June E3 show in Los-Angeles. However, not many were satisfied with stated data on the presentation. Some questions answers to which were most of all expected was left without due attention. So, the company did not report how […]

Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia today presented the new member in the line of Lumia smartphones. The new device Lumia 625 is based on a large screen, but has a relatively low price. Analysts say that Nokia product strategy approaches to Samsung, which is trying to fill the market as soon as possible a large […]

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the release of Halo for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, that is, in the near future the game will appear on tablets and mobile devices. One of the most successful, famous and stunning series of first-person shooters – Halo – returns to its original platform. Yes, we’re talking about Halo for […]

Information about the latest addition Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 appeared online. After the release of Revolution DLC, for the game Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was a long pause, which would logically mean a quick emergence of new content. And it happened! One user of the wiki-forum game series Call of Duty […]

The second part of the add-Assassin’s Creed 3 “Tyranny of King Washington” are already online! Today started selling the next part of the new addition “Betrayal” from the set of “The Tyranny of King Washington” for Assassin’s Creed 3. Ubisoft continues to talk about an alternative universe in which Connor will have to go against […]

The Open Source Latest News over the past week Dear readers, today we offer you a selection of the latest news in the field of Open Source over the past week: Released LeoFS v1.1.2, File manager Midnight Commander 4.8.13 is available, Wine 1.7.26 is now available, Gentoo Linux announced the availability of a new LiveDVD, […]

2014 will be another exciting year for gaming as lots of exciting titles are awaiting their release dates. However, the year isn’t confined to the release dates of games. A new lines of “steam machines” are also due for release this 2014, amongst which the steam box will be the most popular. You can consider […]