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When we talk about web development, WordPress is above all CMS. 27% of the web is fueled by WordPress and best brands, for example, TechCrunch, CNN, and UPS utilize it. Actually, TheeDesign utilizes WordPress exclusively for all our web design and web development clients. It’s user-friendly which makes it simple for beginner website directors to […]

WordPress for Businesses

The Internet is the world’s largest marketplace. If your business isn’t online yet, it’s time to get started. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to get your business noticed online is with WordPress blogs. WordPress is the most popular blogging site and it’s great for both personal bloggers and small business owners. Millions […]

Not so long ago, was presented a beta version of the tool web-design WordPress 3.6. At the moment, has become available and the official release (WordPress 3.6 “Oscar”), which, compared to the previous release, offers 729 fixes and improvements. Recall that WordPress is a solution for the administration of the sites. The program is open […]

The company Automatic, managing a popular blog service, on Friday announced the receipt of an investment of $ 50 million from the private fund Tiger Global. Experts say that the investments are in the wake of its recent acquisitions of $ 1.1 billion Tumblr blogging service on the part of Yahoo. Edition of Fortune, […]

Massive botnet using brute force attack to target WordPress sites. Hackers may be building a more powerful botnet for subsequent, larger attacks. Over the last few days many hosting companies are faced with serious cyber-attacks aimed at websites that were built based on Joomla and WordPress. Attackers are able to crack the only resources with […]

You can use a different way of promoting your business in the current times when most of the marketing processes are going digital. Use direct mail to reach your target group with help from direct mail advertising services. This is an effective way to connect with your audience and inform them about your brand. Direct […]

The internet has become a very valuable tool to have access to not only for information, but also for music, videos, series, movies, and stores. The internet is pretty much the bridge that connects us with other people, and to other companies that are there to provide us with a great variety of services. To […]

The online betting market is expected to 100 Bn USD in the next 5 years time. (Source: Online betting can be a very lucrative business, but to succeed you need some experience and know-how to make a major profit. To be successful in online betting, you’ll need reliable online betting software. In the online […]

There is no doubt that Google Adsense is one of the best platforms to earn money online. Whether you are a blogger or creating a website, it is a tool that can be beneficial for all. It is something that needs no introduction, but if it has to be simplified in plain and simple words, […]

CNC or Computer Numerical Control is a device developed to manipulate the tools in a machine shop. You can know more about this on this site here. Computer programs run them, and what they receive as input from the software will be output to the tools. CNC is a name that represents several methods like […]