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Release Wine 1.5.27

Released a new open source implementation of the experimental release Win32 API – Wine 1.5.27. Since version 1.5.26 was closed 34 bugs. Among the most important changes were noted: In the driver for Mac OS X, added support for the system tray. A series of improvements to the C runtime. Enlargements added icons for embedded […]

Gears on Gallium – openSUSE base livecd with lates opensource video drivers Yesterday has been published the results of performance evaluation added to the Mesa 10.4 tracker states Gallium-Nine, which provides support for API Direct3D 9 for Unix-like systems. The comparison includes both synthetic benchmarks and testing using gaming in “native” mode or through wine […]

The Open Source Latest News over the past week Dear readers, today we offer you a selection of the latest news in the field of Open Source over the past week: Released LeoFS v1.1.2, File manager Midnight Commander 4.8.13 is available, Wine 1.7.26 is now available, Gentoo Linux announced the availability of a new LiveDVD, […]

Three basic, but important online technologies for any small business owner to understand. Website CMS, back end software and Google Docs are basic pieces of tech for any website, ignore them at your peril though. Over the past few years, small business has become increasingly competitive especially if you happen to function online.  Part of […]

Let’s face it: the world is getting more mobile by the minute. All you have to do is walk down the street and you’ll see the evidence — every third person is staring at a smartphone, oblivious to anything not rendered in pixels. In a matter of a few years, mobile devices have gone from […]

Klaus Knopper has presented a new version of KNOPPIX 7.2, one of the first distributions supporting work in the Live-mode. The distribution is based on the original set of boot scripts and includes packages that are imported from Debian Wheezy, with inserts of the branches of Debian “testing” and “unstable”. Is available for download assembly […]

Linux (GNU / Linux) – is the common name of UNIX-like operating systems that are based on the free Linux kernel and built for him libraries, and the software programs developed by the project GNU. GNU/Linux, unlike the majority of other OS, has no certain “official” complete set. It comes in a large number of […]

ReactOS 0.3.15 Released

After more than a year since the last release,  ReactOS 0.3.15 released. ReactOS is operating system open source software, aimed at ensuring compatibility with software drivers and Microsoft Windows family of NT (XP/2003/Vista). Series 0.3.x is on the “alpha” stage of development. To test the output produced demo LiveCD (412 MB), and the images to […]

Upgrading the Linux kernel 3.0.69, 3.4.36 and 3.8.3 with vulnerabilities  fixes. Update ClamAV 0.97.7 and Puppet 3.1.1/2.7.21/2.6.18 with security fixes. Release of Wine 1.5.26. Upgrading the Linux kernel 3.0.69, 3.4.36 and 3.8.3 Presented next corrective releases kernel Linux: 3.0.69 (patch 21) 03/04/36 (40 patches) and 3.8.3 (105 patches). As usual, in the announcement of new versions […]