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Walk into any Starbucks, McDonald’s or the snack bar at the local public grocery store and you are certain to find people working on their laptops taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi these businesses offer. While this is a convenient (and free) way to access the web, it may not be the safest. That’s because […]

About Free Wi-Fi

I often travel and a search of the working Wi-Fi often turns to the boring quest. Endless faults appear with numerous hot-spots. Sometimes, it seems that the normal Internet is a very high requirement for the hotel/café. And nothing can be done with such problem, however there are several life-hacks which may be helpful in […]

Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) – is the standard on the equipment for the broadband radio communication intended for the organization of the local wireless networks (Wireless LAN). Wireless security should be given special consideration. Because wi-fi is a wireless network and, moreover, with a large range. Accordingly, an attacker can intercept information, or to attack your […]

Most home and business Wi-Fi networks are protected from unauthorized access with a strong password. This means that a user who has forgotten the complex code word may be in a difficult situation. In some cases you will WirelessKeyView application of Nir Sofer (Nir Sofer), well-known developer of utilities for Windows. With the proposed tool, […]

Start-ups are the new fad in the entrepreneurial world and there has never been a better time to start a company from the ground and taking it to the stars. This, however, is also the age of the digital entrepreneur and rather than a few thousand pounds, all you need is a laptop, a great […]

As parents of teenagers we are concerned about the dangers of social networking. While our children are digital natives, we have virtually come to the world of new technologies, we are digital immigrants. Sometimes we are disoriented, lost, we do not know how to protect them and we tend to forbid. We must understand that […]

With the development of wireless networking people began using Internet on all their mobile devices more and more. However, although it is great to use internet without the need to use wires and cables, a problem with wireless networks is that other people can connect to your network and use your bandwidth.

Replacing a computer is not only an expense, it’s a hassle. Installing all the programs and configuring internet and Wi-Fi is no fun and can take forever. Luckily keeping a computer running does not require a lot of maintenance, but it does require some and it is essential for extending the life of your computer. […]

The information that you put online could be accessed by almost anybody if you don’t take steps to protect it. This means that your social security number, your bank account details or even information about your children could be out there for everyone to see. It’s important that you keep yourself safe from harmful online […]

The digital landscape for the coming year is going to be even more complex. The rise of social media means public opinion matters more than ever and we are already seeing how new technology trends affect some of our daily interactions. But behind the scenes, technology continues to improve. Here are some digital trends to […]