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Developers declared a desktop environment of Hawaii achievement by the project of a condition of suitability to use. Developers desktop environment Hawaii announced of a condition of suitability to use. According to the developers with the shell already can begin experimenting users. Within the Hawaii project it is created new lightweight a desktop environment, Qt5 […]

Carsten Haitzler, Rasterman, founder and leader of the project Enlightenment, announced the decision to use Wayland as a future display subsystem components for desktop environment Enlightenment. In this case, stated that the Enlightenment developers are currently no plans for supporting the display server Mir, as this project has not yet gone beyond the concept of […]

Matthias Clasen, a developer of GNOME company Red Hat, presented a plan for implementation of support Wayland in GNOME. According to the plan, the initial support Wayland will appear in GNOME 3.10, which is scheduled for this fall, and a full-featured job over GNOME Wayland expected to release 3.12, which will be released in the […]

The KDE project has announced the release of user interface Plasma Active 4, based on KDE technology and is optimized for use on touch-screen devices. Basic user interface Plasma Active is designed for use on a Tablet PC, but can be adapted for smart phones, set-top boxes , media centers and home automation systems, automotive […]

In DragonFly BSD KMS adds support for Intel graphics cards Francois Tigeot reported on the implementation of KMS module to switch to video mode kernel DragonFly BSD. Code is integrated into the master-branch git-repository DragonFly BSD. Supported graphics cards on the chipset Intel i915. The basis was taken code for FreeBSD, which has been ported […]

Mark Shuttleworth, head of Canonical Ltd, said that Mir – developed by a new display server, which is planned as a replacement window system X Window System, is almost ready for release. Mir technology will be included in the next version of the distribution Ubuntu Linux, which promised the fans of the operating system in […]

After spending two weeks with Mir, you wll wonder why you didn’t employ its use sooner. Mir runs very smoothly all-Intel Dell XPS laptops. Mir ensures that the speed in which Saucy changes increases and newer versions of Compiz and X land while Mir is still running. As compared to the direct handling of the […]

The company Jolla, founded by former employees of Nokia to develop new smartphone, built on Linux-based platform MeeGo, announced the first phone based on the platform Sailfish. The phone will be available in late 2013 and will be priced at 399 euros ($ 513). Pre-orders for the phone will be taken in the coming days. […]

South African company Canonical has officially unveiled a new release of its famous distro Ubuntu Linux 13.04. Ubuntu 13.04 is now faster and more efficiently by adapting to smartphones. Thanks to intensive work on the adaptation to the new Ubuntu platform form factors, including smartphones and tablets, the desktop version of Ubuntu 13.04 has also […]

Enlightenment project presented a terminal emulator with integrated PDF viewer and video player A new version of the terminal emulator Terminology 0.3, developing project Enlightenment and remarkable integration of support for viewing content, including video, images, SVG-files, PDF-documents. The program uses a minimum of dependencies, and it requires only the presence of EFL libraries and […]