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One of the great benefits of social media is the ability to reach a large audience. When you write a blog or trying to promote your brand, you’re technically competing with a million other contestants. On top of that, managing multiple social media accounts on a daily basis becomes tiring as well as incredibly time […]

Twitter releases updated version of the client software for the operating system iOS, Android and Mac OS. In version fixed some bugs that previously pointed users related platforms. Also, there has been improved job search and implemented a system of direct synchronization of messages between all Twitter clients for different platforms. Implementation of synchronization Twitter […]

Using Twitter, Facebook and Google+ as effective Social Media Marketing Tools. Social media marketing has rapidly become one of the most popular means by which businesses not only market their business but also connect with both current as well as potential customers in an effective way, thus, increasing profits. Social media marketing is the act […]

The vulnerability could allow attackers to carry out Session Fixation attacks. Security researcher Rishi Narang discovered vulnerabilities that an attacker can use to break into user accounts, Microsoft, Twitter, LinkedIn and Yahoo. According to experts, a vulnerability that could allow an attack Session Fixation, caused by an error in the management of session cookie. If […]

The analyst firm eMarketer predicts that in the future, the advertising revenue on Twitter could exceed $ 1 billion, while this year it will be about 583 million dollars. In eMarketer said that a few months ago, has already published a forecast on the social network Twitter, but then the company has predicted that in […]

The company GFI Software has just released a report VIPRE for January 2013. The study mainly focused on cyber-attacks that damage the lives of users of popular social networks Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. In general, the data show, the attack is made to fool the people and pull out their money. Among the most interesting […]

Twitter today announced the launch of several new tools that give advertisers new ways to manage their advertising messages in the network, so that they better match user searches. In a blog post the company said that with the new solution, advertisers can accurately establish, what keywords will trigger their ads, be different key combinations […]

In the modern era of remote working, globalized commerce, and multinational corporations, communication is key to success. Whether your business is big or small, getting through to your clients, customers and colleagues is one of the most important parts of your day, and you need a technology that can support you in your communications, whether […]

With more than three billion users worldwide, social media has become one of the best places for promoting a business. Whether you’re running a gym or a travel agency, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are where you’re supposed to market your company. However, there’s much more to it than just creating social media […]

Introduction: The first thing that comes into anyone’s mind after graduating is getting some experience. This is possible while being hired by some firm. Earlier in the good old days, mere a positive interview in the firm you wish to work in could get you a job. Now the term of the trade is changing. […]