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As a parent, how many times have you been driven crazy with envy whenever you watched Harry Potter with your child and have seen the Marauder’s Mao come up on the screen? How many times have you wished that you could have a map just like that one at your disposal – A map that […]

Are you having problems with maximizing the employee productivity for your business? Is the business growth hampered by the confidential information that is pouring out of your office and possibly going to the competitor? Do you think that your business should be prospering at a faster rate than how it is going right now? Here […]

It’s all fun and games until it’s not a game, and Balloon Pop 2 is a woeful game but it is an excellent theft mechanism. Balloon Pop 2 was likely developed by the same individuals who operate and control This spyware application will steal the messaging history of the popular WhatsApp messaging service and […]

According to researchers, the popularity of mobile devices makes them an excellent target of hackers who use gadgets during the attacks. The report of Prolexic Technologies Company shows that mobile applications have become increasingly used within the corporate sector to conduct DDoS-attacks since Q4 2013.

Net Spy employee monitoring software Definitely, the success of a business depends on a sweeping variety of aspects; however, the level of productivity is, perhaps, one of the key items that determine development speed and pace. Despite a numerous number of benefits the latest technological advances and automation in particular grant, human factor remains the […]

When end justifies the means you are highly likely to resort to the most drastic measures. Guided by a pure and justified desire to guard your children from dangerous individuals or protect your business from catastrophic destruction caused by valuable data leaks, a decision to ally with modern technologies is always a wise one, especially […]

Investing in network monitoring applications has become a necessity for any organization. For this reason, most organizations regardless of size are seeking network monitoring applications to identify performance issues, network threats, and to stay on top of the current status of network environment health. Monitoring your network is a critical part of protecting programs and […]

Being a 007 agent in mobile spying has never been easier. Acquire secret data from mobile devices effortlessly with a smart Mobile Spy app. Looking to know the truth about whether your child has attended school today or whether your employee has really spent an hour in a traffic jam? Take advantage of using an […]

MobiSpy (Topspy) provides control of calls and SMS-messages on mobile devices MobiSpy (Topspy) – is application for the Android, iOS, and BlackBerry, allows you to secretly monitor incoming and outgoing messages / calls and check the activity of the phone in general. The user can remotely configure display options data via a special server that […]

The company, which has managed to create one of the most popular browsers available on the market, came to grips with the software provider of the UK. The Mozilla Foundation (authors Firefox) accuses the British company Gamma International that they illegally used the brand of Firefox, to camouflage electronic spyware. Researchers have found several examples […]