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Samsung Electronics by next month will propose a range of SSD-drives, including the industry’s first consumer SSD capacity of 1 TB, aimed for everyday use. Line ‘840 Evo lineup’ promises to be 2-3 times more productive compared to the current model 840. As they say in Samsung, TB model in the read data be 520 […]

According to the publication Digitimes, Intel plans in April or May of this year to release several new models of SSD-drives for use in a corporate environment, or data centers. Previously, Intel has produced high-performance SSD-drives, but new items will have a lower cost compared to previous generations of SSD. According to unofficial information, Intel […]

Intel introduced the 525 Series solid state drives, made in a compact form factor mSATA, with data rates of 6 Gb / s. Dimensions of data storage is 8 times smaller than conventional hard drives 2.5-inch, making them the perfect solution for ultrabooks, tablets and embedded systems. Intel 525 drives have become the latest addition […]

Micron Technology with today began shipping the new corporate SSD-drive, which the company calls the most fail-safe in the industry today. According to the press service of Micron, the new SSD-drive p400m focused on servers, and it allows the resource to 10 times a day to rewrite all the internal storage space for five years. […]

Performance comes at a price. That’s especially true in PC gaming. To run a game on its highest settings, you’d need a proper gaming PC. Such a setup typically cost more than a thousand dollars—some of the latest even reach two thousand! Most people get discouraged by that price range and would rather just buy […]

Keeping the data on your laptop and computer safe is not easy, as you can easily lose all your storage in just a blink. Losing all the data on your computer impacts your life a great deal, especally when you lose some important files. These could be anything from personal photographs, to business documents. Either […]

You cannot be asking for more from an affordable data erasure system – KillDisk Industrial goes far beyond the scope of features that same niche competitors offer. It has nothing to do with buggy operation and laggy performance – KillDisk Industrial works like clockwork, helping SMBs with extensive data erasure demands save money and perform […]

KillDisk Desktop offers a comprehensive and cost-effective set of corporate-level HDD management solutions for the budget segment. Highly adaptable to any environment and use cases, the hardware-software solution supports U.S. DoD erasure methods and comes with an impressive fully-automated feature list. KillDisk Desktop satisfies any disk management demand, even if the requirements go far beyond […]

HP Omen 15-5116TX: Laptop loaded with Bang & Olufsen technology powered speakers, which create ideal environment for gaming After three years of absence from the gaming-centric laptop arena, HP in November last year got back in the scene with the Omen notebook. The HP Omen 15-5116TX is being called the personal computer manufacturer’s first true-gaming […]

What is a Barebones PC?

When it comes to buying a computer, there are many different alternatives to choose between. You could opt for a desktop PC or a laptop, while tablet PCs are also becoming increasingly popular – and there are more choices besides these. One option which not many people even know about is the barebones PC. Generally […]