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Throughout this article I give my thoughts regarding the feasibility of 4K gaming in today’s computer gaming environment. Throughout tech forums all across the internet computer enthusiasts have been mostly looking in awe at the splendor of 4K or Ultra High Definition resolution. Indeed the resolution packs a plentiful amount of pixels into these screens […]

A series of patches for the power management of Radeon graphics cards for the Linux 3.11 kernel has been presented. Alex Deucher, a developer of of AMD, presented in a mailing list dri-devel very large series of patches (165 patches!), Which presumably will be included in the version of the Linux 3.11 kernel (radeon drm-next […]

Advanced Micro Devices yesterday presented its new flagship graphics card Radeon HD7990 by the codename Malta, which is intended to be used in most modern computers to meet the needs of the game’s most demanding gamers. AMD’s Malta Becomes The Radeon HD 7990. According to internal tests, this new product in terms of performance in […]

Advanced Micro Devices today presented its new graphics card high-end level and having the best performance in the series AMD Radeon. As said in AMD, new Radeon 7990 graphics chips have dual GPU thus show an increase in performance while maintaining the physical size of chips. General manager of AMD Graphics Business Unit said that […]

In DragonFly BSD KMS adds support for Intel graphics cards Francois Tigeot reported on the implementation of KMS module to switch to video mode kernel DragonFly BSD. Code is integrated into the master-branch git-repository DragonFly BSD. Supported graphics cards on the chipset Intel i915. The basis was taken code for FreeBSD, which has been ported […]

This week in open source news:  the release of the Linux Kernel 3.10, At the core of Linux 3.11 is enabled Lustre cluster file system, In the proprietary NVIDIA 325.08 driver dropped support for Linux 2.4 kernels, Officially dropped support for Ruby 1.8.7. The release of the Linux Kernel 3.10 Developers of the Linux kernel […]

Linus Torvalds after 69 days of development announced the release of the kernel Linux 3.9. In the new version: KVM hypervisor is adapted to work on systems with the architecture of ARM, the caching system of appeals to the slow hard drives in the fast SSD-drives, driver PowerClamp to control idle time CPU, support for […]

TechPowerUp company announced the availability of a new version of GPU-Z 0.6.9. This useful tool is designed to collect and display the complete information about the video card installed on your computer. The program supports chipsets from leading manufacturers NVIDIA and ATI, and allows the user in a matter of seconds to get the necessary […]

Upgrading the Linux kernel 3.0.69, 3.4.36 and 3.8.3 with vulnerabilities  fixes. Update ClamAV 0.97.7 and Puppet 3.1.1/2.7.21/2.6.18 with security fixes. Release of Wine 1.5.26. Upgrading the Linux kernel 3.0.69, 3.4.36 and 3.8.3 Presented next corrective releases kernel Linux: 3.0.69 (patch 21) 03/04/36 (40 patches) and 3.8.3 (105 patches). As usual, in the announcement of new versions […]

Game Tomb Raider – the creation of the studio masters Crystal Dynamics, who created the popular series of games about Lara Croft – young and beautiful the researcher secret caves, marine debris and mythical ancient temples. Once again, this, still young but bold and courageous person goes in search of adventure, mystery and discovery. Ship, […]