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John Gilmore, the creator of the human rights organization Electronic Frontier Foundation and founder of the projects, such as Cygwin, GNU Radio, Gnash, GNU tar, GNU UUCP and IPSEC- stack FreeS / WAN, has published a compilation of his observations about the possible impact of U.S. National Security Agency ( NSA ) on the development […]

I’ve mentioned quite a few times about U.S. National Security Agency, showing you that NSA has access to data on all popular smartphones and their impact on the IPSEC and international standards. Because one of my latest article “5 Tips To Keep Your Android Data Private” was received very well, I decided to publish this article that will show you […]

The U.S. National Security Agency has the ability to read user data on the three most popular smartphone platforms, including the protected platform BlackBerry, Spiegel reported. NSA created a special group to work with mobile platforms. Group worked on interception of contact lists, SMS-trafic location data of users, as well as some documents. The article […]

U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) that is specialized in electronic intelligence, and its British colleges – the Office of Government Communications (OGS) – have developed special techniques that allow them to break in almost all currently used in Internet encryption standards. The documents that former NSA intelligence officer Edward Snowden sent to the New York […]

The Washington Post reports on a top-secret program, data analysis National Security Agency, which, among other works directly on the servers of Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple. “NSA and FBI are sitting directly on the central servers of nine leading U.S. Internet companies, for extracting video, audio, photos, mail, documents and communication logs that track […]

Under the influence of public pressure, the companies Facebook and Microsoft opened the figures related to the issuance of requests for information from the U.S. government. The publication of the company should be in the background of how the U.S. government erupted around the scandal involving the government closed by PRISM data collection. Noteworthy is […]

Computer networks of three South Korean television and at least two banks were paralyzed during the coordinated attacks that occurred today. Authorities in Seoul could not immediately determine the cause of computer errors. The Ministry of Defence refused to share guesses, could have appeared such attacks. All suspects North Korea. “Reports of hacking came almost […]