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NVIDIA has announced started sales of a portable game console SHIELD, running on Android mobile platform and built on a processor Tegra 4. Game console is equipped with a 5-inch touch screen (1280×720, 720p) with multitouch support. Additionally supports the connection of an external display or TV via HDMI with quality up to 4K. Battery […]

Nvidia GeForce 700M: a series of 5 cards, get the most of the laptops The press service of the company NVIDIA officially announced the release of five new mobile video of the family GeForce GT 700M, of which the GeForce GT 750M, GeForce GT 745M and GeForce GT 740M are designed for use in high-power […]

Nvidia this week as part of technology conference GPU Technology Conference presented its new server product called Nvidia Grid Visual Computing Appliance or just VCA. The new development is a business-oriented sibling previously shown the game server Nvidia Grid, presented in January at CES 2013. The new solution is a 4U server based on Intel […]

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said today that while he was disappointed sales figures of the new tablet operating system, Windows RT. Speaking at a meeting with analysts and journalists, the head of Nvidia said that while the devices based on Windows RT very few, and those that are present on the market, sold poorly. “Windows […]

Demonstrated the method of removal of restrictions firmware NVIDIA GTX690 graphics card. As you know, some inexpensive card NVIDIA have identical hardware stuffing with more expensive and efficient models, but are limited in their ability level firmware. Enthusiasts have found a way to remove these limitations by removing the two resistors on the board. After […]

HP Omen 15-5116TX: Laptop loaded with Bang & Olufsen technology powered speakers, which create ideal environment for gaming After three years of absence from the gaming-centric laptop arena, HP in November last year got back in the scene with the Omen notebook. The HP Omen 15-5116TX is being called the personal computer manufacturer’s first true-gaming […]

Throughout this article I give my thoughts regarding the feasibility of 4K gaming in today’s computer gaming environment. Throughout tech forums all across the internet computer enthusiasts have been mostly looking in awe at the splendor of 4K or Ultra High Definition resolution. Indeed the resolution packs a plentiful amount of pixels into these screens […]

Ubuntu development team has introduced an updated version of the long-term support for Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS (Desktop, Server, Cloud and Core editions). Version 12.04.3 includes an updated kernel for the x86 architecture and graphics stack for newly installed systems. As usual, the release contains many fixes, updated installation images that would reduce the volume of […]

In DragonFly BSD KMS adds support for Intel graphics cards Francois Tigeot reported on the implementation of KMS module to switch to video mode kernel DragonFly BSD. Code is integrated into the master-branch git-repository DragonFly BSD. Supported graphics cards on the chipset Intel i915. The basis was taken code for FreeBSD, which has been ported […]

Available version of Linux Mint 15 distribution with the Xfce desktop-environment Available Xfce-edition of Linux Mint 15 distro. The distribution is based on the packet-base Xubuntu 13.04 and comes with a desktop environment Xfce 4.10, supplemented by a series of original applications, simplifying setup and operation of the system. In particular, Linux Mint uses reworked […]