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Managed IT services are one of the most effective purchases a business can make. Owning and running a business often requires you to wear many different hats. However, trying to do everything at once will only sacrifice the quality of your work and lead to burnout. Often, it is best to outsource the tasks that […]

The software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) services are growing in popularity. Currently, many organisations, buoyed by the need to use the new versions of SDNs, are turning to SD-WANs as the perfect solution to the problems that are associated with the use of traditional WAN technologies. Besides, many organisations are turning to SD-WANs as opposed […]

Software vendors won’t normally give you access to the source code behind their application, let alone any technical documentation related to its development. They consider this their intellectual property and wish to protect it. However this isn’t always the case. Here are a few signs that your small business could take advantage of software escrow […]

After the introduction of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, there has been a spectacular development of telecommunication technology. The VoIP technology now allows transmission and receipt of audio signals by using Internet as a gateway, instead of using the conventional analog communication lines. Talking about communication, Skype has been one of the most popular […]

It is 4 am in the morning and you happen to be online. As you troubleshoot on your ladies wear ecommerce site, you notice a string of complaints regarding technical issues with cart transactions. You try it out and realize no customer can actually shop from you at the moment. You try contacting your web […]

Say that you have just started your very own business for reasons that are entirely your own. You should know that from the word ‘go’, you simply cannot do all of the legwork yourself. Every big corporation in existence has started out from something infinitesimally small. Think of it like this – the business that […]

Customer services is arguable one of the most important aspects of running a successful business, this article tells how call centres improve customer services. In today’s competitive business world, customers are always demanding accurate, immediate and satisfying responses to their questions as well as timely results. Often times, many companies, especially those that serve an […]

This article looks into the work done by an audio typist. It also gives the benefits of audio typing services. Audio typing is the process of transcribing dictations, speeches, or any other form of audio files into typed text. An audio typist does transcription, while the oral material being typed can be sourced directly from […]

The Cisco Virtualization technologies The virtualization technologies like the data center, server and cloud computing technologies are widely utilized by the IT organizations and the companies. The companies are investing on such technologies because they want to have the top notch solutions for running their systems in a smooth and enhanced way. The virtualization technologies […]

I’ve mentioned quite a few times about U.S. National Security Agency, showing you that NSA has access to data on all popular smartphones and their impact on the IPSEC and international standards. Because one of my latest article “5 Tips To Keep Your Android Data Private” was received very well, I decided to publish this article that will show you […]