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Facebook has become a global social networking phenomenon. In this post, we look at how you can use Facebook for your advertising requirements. Why is Facebook so popular? It is no secret that Facebook is the most popular social networking sites available today. The reasons for the popularity of Facebook are attributed to many things. […]

Using Twitter, Facebook and Google+ as effective Social Media Marketing Tools. Social media marketing has rapidly become one of the most popular means by which businesses not only market their business but also connect with both current as well as potential customers in an effective way, thus, increasing profits. Social media marketing is the act […]

Under the influence of public pressure, the companies Facebook and Microsoft opened the figures related to the issuance of requests for information from the U.S. government. The publication of the company should be in the background of how the U.S. government erupted around the scandal involving the government closed by PRISM data collection. Noteworthy is […]

Facebook yestarday presented its most significant to date mobile initiative – the program shell Home, mount on Android-smartphone and provides instant access to many features of the world’s largest network. Until recently, many investors and analysts are often criticized Facebook for insufficient presence in the mobile sector, the head of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg promised to […]

Commercial companies, government organizations, as well as friends in Facebook users can find out about the information that they may not wish to disclose. Researchers at Cambridge University, said that the approval of expression in social networks can reveal about the users of their confidential information. Thus, according to the report presented by Michal Kosinski, […]

Social network Facebook has implemented on their servers support the new Internet protocol SPDY, developed by Google and designed for faster transmission of online content. Technically, SPDY is similar to the more common HTTP, but has a number of new features that allow it to quickly transfer content to client connections. The SPDY developer – […]

The company GFI Software has just released a report VIPRE for January 2013. The study mainly focused on cyber-attacks that damage the lives of users of popular social networks Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. In general, the data show, the attack is made to fool the people and pull out their money. Among the most interesting […]

Social network Facebook today updated its mobile software for the operating system Android, significantly increasing the performance of mobile client. Frank DU, engineer Facebook Android Team, said that the social network uses a new approach to writing code, which increased application performance, faster, view photos or post comments. Also in the new version of the […]

With more than three billion users worldwide, social media has become one of the best places for promoting a business. Whether you’re running a gym or a travel agency, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are where you’re supposed to market your company. However, there’s much more to it than just creating social media […]

When we talk about marketing, it is dependent as per generation and follows it by technology and time. Today, the generation of computer networks and wireless technology so marketing had a new way to generate more opportunities and easy to handle as compared to the traditional way. Online marketing is the one the best way […]