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Evernote Corporation has announced a new release of Evernote 5 for Windows, which has become an important and essential in all plans for upgrade for users of the service. Upgrade affected all the main options for the service, including the interface, visualization and editing notes , search, and a system of reminders . Cloud tool […]

Another company was the victim of hackers. Hackers gain entry into computer systems Evernote – a popular program for online notes, used by nearly 50 million people. In a formal appeal, the company said that the attackers gained access to some data users. Evernote klinetov asks all who use the service, change the passwords. Based […]

Were you thinking of reorganizing your home and somehow ended up with a full renovation project? Unfortunately, painting the walls or moving the furniture around can be very taxing and requires too much effort. Thankfully, there are ways to help you design your home interiors without exerting too much effort. You can consider experimenting with […]

Whether working from home is a part of your contractual or habitual routine, it can be hard balancing both aspects in an organised and efficient way. In response to a decrease in available time and increase in home working; the marketplace has been flooded with project management and time tracking applications. As with all software […]

When you’re a busy lawyer there are a lot of things you can do to improve your efficiency and diminish your workload. With the advent and influence of technology you can utilize the power of applications for your Android phone to work on the go and make sure you stay on the top of everything. […]

What Apps Come With The IPhone 5s?

Well, Apple’s App Store has over 900,000 apps covering work, rest and play, oh and not forgetting fitness. And you will of course be able to access this overwhelming range with the new iPhone 5s. Hello iOS 7 But more excitingly, in line with the iPhone 5s’ new operating system, the iOS 7, developers have […]

Of all the next technological devices to have been launched over the last few years, not many have received as much attention as Samsung’s new Galaxy Gear. What sets the Galaxy Gear apart from the pack, of course, is that it isn’t a smartphone or a tablet – it’s a smartwatch. The device was officially […]

Members embarrassed to wear Google Glass, and the owners of restaurants, casinos and other institutions already want to ban them. While manufacturers of smartphones and tablets teach them not to break down in the water (like Sony), and wait for Apple’s magic hours, Google has developed an unusual gadget – augmented reality glasses Google Glass. […]

Google Inc. has announced the release of “wearable computer” Google Glass seven programs, including social applications CNN, Twitter, Facebook and Evernote. The company has made a statement on May 16 at the conference Google I / O, reports TechCrunch. With the Twitter app, users can browse the latest tweets and personal messages in a single […]

Users of the browser Chrome, which by occupation has to deal with dozens or even hundreds of open tabs, should pay attention to the useful extension Contextinator. This free tool will enable the effective management of the tabs help you quickly find interesting material and will not allow “drown” in the flow of information. The […]