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The Dos and Donts of BYOD

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device is the latest rage among employees and they love every minute of using their smart mobile devices. Though this has created enough enthusiasm among the employees, it has left a big question for the management – how to handle organizational data security. Keeping the business data safe will be […]

Plenty of us have had jobs where keeping our phones with us while we’re “on the clock”was strictly forbidden. Then there are those of us with jobs that not only encourage, but actually require, the use of the latest mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Company-issued devices are fairly common, particularly among professionals who travel […]

Tell me, who hasn’t observed this: Smartphones and tablets were first birthed into the consumer marketplace. There, they were joyfully received. And just as quickly, it seemed, they were snapped up by the corporate world, where they wasted no time in changing that landscape in a number of radical and significant ways. And today, there’s […]

Small businesses are easy targets for cybercriminals, yet many don’t have security in place to protect their data. The cost is often the company itself. Small businesses are just as vulnerable to data loss as large enterprises. In fact, small businesses may be at greater risk because they make easy targets. This is because their […]

The last few months have experienced great development in the internet technology. One of the major developments is the introduction of TrueConf Server 4.0 by TrueConf. This is a new version of TrueConf video conferencing server that can administer the video conferencing server by utilizing any web browser. This provides you an opportunity to manage […]

Kaspersky Lab on the eve of the United States presented its new security solutions for small and medium businesses. As they say in the company’s modern users in companies have to deal with and a variety of devices and different by nature of the threats that were taken into account in the latest generation of […]

Dell announced new software solutions that help organizations simplify IT infrastructure for business. Dell introduced the CIO Powerboard – unified and open API, through which organizations can achieve transparency and manageability of all the preferred solution packages. In addition, the company provides a solution for mobile device management, helping organizations protect and facilitate BYOD, security […]