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Keeping an Android device secured should be a priority by any mobile user. With the numerous reports regarding cyber crimes and malicious applications that have been circulating around the mobile industry these days, getting your Android data protected at all cost should be given some priority. This is important especially when you are one among […]

With the demise of BlackBerry, the smartphone market for business consumers has become a hotly contested one. For a while, the main factor for large companies was the security of the device itself. BlackBerry has always been the industry leader in security features, which allowed them to stay alive far longer than they otherwise would […]

Google today announced an application for remote monitoring, location and erase data on lost or stolen devices. The company said that its decision Android Device Manager provides a popular mobile operating system popular security tools, which provide the legal owner of the opportunity to decide what to do with a lost or stolen device. In […]

Intel Corporation in collaboration with Google and Microsoft is working on a new generation of low cost mobile devices that are to appear on the market since the third quarter of this year. This week, commenting on the quarterly results of Intel, the head of the company, Otellini said that the most low cost devices […]

BlackBerry today announced the technology created for the safe separation of working and personal data on devices running Android and iOS. Earlier, a similar software Balance existed only under the platform BlackBerry 10. As described in the company, the new application Secure Work Space for iOS and Android will be sold separately and work in […]

Using video editing apps for Android, you can create, edit and share videos effortlessly. These tools are also useful to reduce your manual efforts as they work automatically. Let’s discuss some of these tools here. Video editing apps for Android helps you edit your videos in no time. Here, these tools come bundled with lot […]

The best Software for Recovery lost or deleted files from any mobile devices We are living in some other age and they also don’t know this as era because information age absolutely free. In the era of today, information rules supreme and we’re connected than any other time. You will find the Internet and mobile […]

Top 10 tips for making your Android better When most people get a new android phone, they download a mail application, Facebook, WhatsApp and maybe a few others. However, this is just the barebones of what can be done with an Android device. Below are 10 tips to make sure you are getting the most […]

The share of devices with iOS 8 is now reached 73 percent of the total number of Apple tablets and smartphones. iOS 7 is installed on 24% of the devices (I suspect that most of them – iPhone 4S, – Ed.), earlier versions – on 3% of the devices (According to latest data from Apple’s […]

HTC One (m8) and Samsung Galaxy S5 are great phones with fantastic specs but when you see the $700 price tag you think twice before buying them. But what if you can buy an Android phone with similar specs for just $299? – It would be hard, almost impossible to resist. OnePlus have announced a […]