You can use a different way of promoting your business in the current times when most of the marketing processes are going digital.

Use direct mail to reach your target group with help from direct mail advertising services. This is an effective way to connect with your audience and inform them about your brand.

Direct mail communication would work as an additional channel for marketing for your business.

For any marketing campaign, tracking its progress is important.

For direct mail campaigns, you can use the below methods to determine whether it is going to become a success:

  • Goals of measurement

The first step is to identify some clear goals like whom is the mail campaign intended for, the purpose of your mail campaign, what outcomes do you expect from it, etc. These steps would help you in keeping the campaign focused.

  • Find a way to track the results

You have to define a way to generate leads and subsequent sales closures. Ensure that all the points of contact can be tracked and explain the same to your direct mail advertising services. You can form a link between the leads and sales and the direct mail campaign used to generate them through the following ways:

a) Source code
You can link a code with an offer in your direct mail. When your target enters it on the internet, you will come to know about it. If you are communicating on phone calls, you can ask for the code for every new order.

b) QR code

This is a good way, as scanning the QR code would direct your target audience to a landing page. The traffic levels and rate of responses can be tracked.

c) Tracing phone numbers

Call tracking is a very efficient way to track the responses. You have to set up a toll-free number. Alternately, use the call-tracking software. These methods would provide you valuable data.

d) URLs

You can use URLs that can be tracked. Make sure that the URLs lead to your customized page on the company website. You will find several tools to create a campaign URL and analytical tools to measure them. Try to include a submission form for capturing details about your target on the landing page.

e) Personalized URLs

These URLs are effective for tracking the response and identification of individual targets. You would get more details about your target’s interests, likes, and dislikes.

  • Give strong instructions

In the direct mails, provide some communication that would compel the target audience or potential client to take some action.

For example, ask them to call you for more information or a free demonstration. You can request for a visit to your website. Give them some offers like coupon redemption with a code, etc.


Direct mail campaigns can be a very good way of promotion, but proper tracking is required to make it successful. Choose a reputed company for providing direct mail advertising services so that you can properly track your campaigns. This would help you in planning further strategies for your business.