The world is evolving and so should our education system. As experience has shown over and over again, students need to get skills beyond their regular classroom lectures.

This will go a long way in giving them an edge and helping them find fulfillment after their days in the academic institution. As a matter of fact, learning practical skills will help many students to be self-reliant as entrepreneurs, thereby reducing the unemployment rate in society.

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Given the importance of students learning and developing helpful skills, this article will address questions about the Adobe Creative Cloud for tertiary institutions.

So, if you are interested in making the most of this opportunity afforded to students and the academic institution by adobe, then you should keep reading.

How can Educational Institutions Buy Adobe Software?

Teachers, students, academic and non-academic staff members of your academic institution can get their software from adobe dealers/resellers, or right from the Adobe website.

There is a reasonable offer from the adobe software company that has subsidized the cost of the products substantially. So, rather than buy it at the regular price, you are advised to follow the guidelines that will allow you to benefit from this offer.

As an added advantage, the software company is offering licensing programs that are designed for departments in the academic institution.

What Product can you get with the Student and Teacher Package?

There are over 20 cutting-edge and creative tools that you can get from this plan. These tools help you acquire skills that make you outstanding in your field. The good news is that it comes at a discounted price.

In addition to these, all of the tools have versions that are compatible with mobile, desktop, and web platforms. So, you are covered regardless of the way you choose to benefit from the offer by adobe.

Some of the tools include Premiere Pro – which helps in creating quality videos; Photoshop – which helps in editing various kinds of pictures; Illustrator – which helps in many kinds of graphic design; and Acrobat Pro – which helps users make the most of PDF documents.

These are just a few of the tools students can benefit from. To know more about these and many other tools, you can check out the Adobe CC product page for information.

However, these tools can be obtained through downloads, boxed versions, or subscriptions, all of which are based on availability.

Can you use the Tools from the Student and Teachers Package for Commercial Purposes?

The products from the student and teachers package can be used for commercial purposes. This is because the software company has no problem with students and other stakeholders in the academic institution making the most of the offer.

However, reselling the product is strictly forbidden and you should not indulge in it. This also means that you should not buy your products from such sources regardless of the price.

Which Students Are Eligible?

You are eligible for the offer if you meet these requirements as a student:
First, you must not be less than 13 years. Students below this age range are not eligible for the student plan.

Secondly, you have to be a student in any one of these kinds of institutions:

  • Students of home schools. The consideration as a homeschooled student has to align with state regulations for homeschooling.
  • Student of colleges and Universities that are private or accredited public schools. Vocational colleges, community and junior schools are also included. Furthermore, the programs offered by these schools should be a minimum of two years full-time.
  • Students of secondary and primary schools. The school must either be a private or accredited public school.

Which Teachers Are Eligible?

You are eligible as a teacher if you meet any of these requirements:

  • If you are a homeschooled student tutor. However, the consideration as a homeschooled student tutor has to be in line with your state’s regulation for homeschooling education.
  • If you are a staff gainfully employed by a private secondary, primary, or tertiary institution. Also, staff members of accredited secondary, primary, and tertiary institutions are considered.
  • If you are a staff of an education public setup such as the board of education or school district.

Which Institutions Are not Eligible for the Student and Teachers Package?


The following group of people are not eligible for this offer by adobe:

  • Religious organizations and schools that are not accredited.
  • Churches
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Canadian
  • Hospitals
  • Military and Paramilitary schools not offering academic degrees

To find out more about people that are not eligible, you can check here.

How do You Prove Your Eligibility?

To prove your eligibility as a student or teacher for the program, you should do the following:

  • Make use of the email address issued by the school. Many schools have email addresses for students and workers that bear the institution’s name as part of the domain. If yours is such, you should use the email address given by the school.
  • Use documents given to you by the school. Examples include your report card, school identity card, tuition bill, and transcript.


As a student or teacher, Adobe has come up with a package that can benefit you. To access this package with cutting edge tools, we have answered some questions about the program. We strongly advise that you make the most of this offer if you are eligible and while it lasts.