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CNC or Computer Numerical Control is a device developed to manipulate the tools in a machine shop. You can know more about this on this site here. Computer programs run them, and what they receive as input from the software will be output to the tools.

CNC is a name that represents several methods like SLS/SLM, SLA, 3D printing technology, and FDM. They all generate prototypes with the help of software from a digital file. Many prototyping and engineering companies are using machines to process and mill a lot of materials, including plastics, metals, and wood. Continue reading

Mass business network infrastructures and their hardware are enough to comprehend when you think of what’s connected, lurking under office tables or workstations and what hides in the dark, locked rooms that buzz and bleep behind the door.

We take for granted the operations and workings of network infrastructure, the devices we use daily that simply just work and do what we want them to do. Everything connected, cabled, and communicating, sending data in different forms to each device at lightning speeds, and even the best computer cable management solutions still have a job of a spaghetti junction. Continue reading

The world is evolving and so should our education system. As experience has shown over and over again, students need to get skills beyond their regular classroom lectures.

This will go a long way in giving them an edge and helping them find fulfillment after their days in the academic institution. As a matter of fact, learning practical skills will help many students to be self-reliant as entrepreneurs, thereby reducing the unemployment rate in society Continue reading

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