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In the modern era of remote working, globalized commerce, and multinational corporations, communication is key to success.

Whether your business is big or small, getting through to your clients, customers and colleagues is one of the most important parts of your day, and you need a technology that can support you in your communications, whether you’re working from home or not. Continue reading

Managed IT services are one of the most effective purchases a business can make. Owning and running a business often requires you to wear many different hats.

However, trying to do everything at once will only sacrifice the quality of your work and lead to burnout.

Often, it is best to outsource the tasks that you do not have expertise in so you can focus on the daily operations of your business. Many times, IT services make sense to outsource in the form of managed IT services. In this post, we explain what managed IT services are and how they can benefit your business. Continue reading

Everyone wants to get on to the app bandwagon. For some, the reason is that apps can be money-spinners.

For businesses, apps are proving to be better than websites insofar as nearly half of the world’s population uses mobiles and most such users spend at least an hour or so on using various apps.

Technology-wise, apps are far superior to desktops in that they include a variety of sensors that enable IoT app development with far more features than is possible with laptops or desktops. Continue reading

A few months back, On-point Digital Creative Startup was consistently recording a drop in their page traffic.

Despite numerous attempts, the brand failed to improve their page traffic. Determined to fix this issue, the start-up tech executive decided to switch to 10 GBPS servers.

Browsing through credible online hosting providers like, the brand shifted its operations on these high-end dedicated servers.

Within a week of server shifting, this start-up recorded decent growth in their page traffic. Perhaps, it was the inefficient server that reduced the page traffic as it was unable to handle the data load. Continue reading

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