Server-TypesMicrosoft recently introduced its new web browser that is based on the open-source Chromium engine from Google.

Even though it is fairly new, the browser has lots of interesting features. There are plenty of reasons to switch to the new Microsoft Edge browser.

Austin IT Services professional Jason Simons with ICS shares some of the following highlights with Microsoft Edge:

1. Organizing Your Research With Collections

Collections are great for organizing simple tasks. The Collections button makes it possible to collect and organize information from various sites. You may expose it to different files or access your research later. You simply need to click on the Collections button. You can drag and drop images, webpages, and text into one group without needing to open other applications or pages. Once you have your collection, you may send it to Excel or Word. You may copy and paste your collection.

2. Simple Interface

The original Microsoft Edge browser has acrylic-like effects and highlights all through. However, the Chromium version is different. It is very easy to use and understand. It has drop shadow effects and round corners. The menus are easy to use, and you can personalize your browsing experience. Different icons point out their functions, so there can be no confusion.

3. Vertical Tabs for Efficiency

When researching online, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the number of tabs. Having lots of tabs open at the same time leaves you struggling to identify one tab from another. You may lose track of what you are doing or accidentally close the wrong tabs. With the Microsoft Edge Browser, you can enjoy vertical tabs, which make it easy to manage your tabs.

4. A Customized Experience

Like some of the most common web browsers, Microsoft Edge gives you a customizable experience. It imports your browser settings and allows you to personalize its appearance. You can choose from the themes-Inspirational, Custom, and Focused. With the Inspirational theme, anew image appears on the tab page every day. With Focused, you only see a search bar and the top links. In the Inspirational theme, there is a customizable news feed. All the themes look good.

You may access all the extensions that the Google Chrome store has. You can find most of the common extensions.

5. Smart Copy

This feature does not only saves time but also makes it possible to retain the format of your copied documents. With the typical copy and paste option, you may end up with reformatted content that you have to waste time trying to correct. With smart copy, you can select, copy, and paste content without changing the web format. The copied version will include images and links, if any. Even though it may not sound like much, the smart copy feature helps you save time.

6. Private Browsing

When browsing online, there are times when you may need some privacy. Most browsers may not offer you the privacy you need, but the Microsoft Edge browser is different. The InPrivate feature automatically clears cookies and deletes your browsing history. You do not need to worry about other people viewing your browsing history. No other desktop browser has an in-built InPrivate Bing search. Your searches are not linked to your account.

If you have been planning to switch to a new browser, Microsoft Edge may be the best option. It is available for Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows. It is easy to download, easy to use, and customizable. The browser looks just as good as it works. Other benefits of Microsoft Edge include the smart copy feature, private browsing, simple interface, vertical tabs, and the Collections feature for organizing your research.