Graphic Designer for Your BusinessGraphic designers play the role of communicator between the company & the audience. Even with many virtual graphic design assistant program & applications, a graphic designer is required to understand the market strategies in this competitive field.

Hiring a graphic designer can be the real game changer, it is a task like every other task & you need to take care of specific basic points while hiring one for your business. Here are a few, which will help you with it.

1. Define Your Expectations clearly

Graphics Designing is a wide field with different individuals excelling in one or another field; you should know what you are looking for, specifically. When you tell your requirements to graphic designers be detailed so that they can tell you what is feasible according to their field of expertise & what is not.

You can also look for a versatile option where you ask for multiple tasks to be done from web designing to logo & social media development.

2. Attractive Advertisement

The moment you have your design idea ready & what you want in from your graphic designer put up an ad. You need to give a creative advertisement in order to get inquiry calls from some of the best graphic designers. The graphic designer but feel that the job is worth him & not some joke.

3. Narrow Down the Selection Criterion

Selecting potential candidates from a large pool of applicants is a difficult task if only based on their portfolio. The better idea is to cut short the criterion from the start only; know what exact skills you are looking in a graphic designer.

Unlike virtual graphic design assistant who would present you with all the options but the creative head behind it; an actual graphic designer would know his skill & then only apply.

4. View Their Portfolio with a Keen Eye

It is true that you cannot blindly rely on the resume that they submitted; after all, it is supposed to make them fit for the job. But if you notice the portfolio in detail, you can see the style of that graphic designer.

Look for how crafty they are while presenting themselves cause this is definitely their best work as it is supposed to earn them a living.

5. The interview is An Opportunity

Now the final round is when you interview have shortlisted a few suitable for your work. You need to be creative with the questions you can; ask them new questions (questions which are related yet are out of normal) this would reveal their creative front for you. You can question them regarding the work environment they prefer or to give a review on a fellow competitor work.

6. Test Them

If asking questions & verbal conversation about their work doesn’t satisfy you. You can always have them do something on the spot or give them a small project to be submitted later.

You can make them design the color-contrast for the name of the company or tell them to design a logo or redesign an old logo with new attributes.

7. Know their Inspiration

Virtual graphic design assistant is just web applications helping you out, depending on your imagination & motivation.

They are not bound to give you the best results, but when you hire a graphic designer who has similar inspiration as yourself, it can help your idea to materialize into something magnificent.

8. Look for Experience

While hiring a graphic designer, you should look for some relevant experience in their portfolio. You don’t have to look for the number of years they worked in a place you need to have details of what their best works are.

Wrap Up

Now that you know all about hiring a graphic designer, you no longer require to depend on virtual graphic design assistant for your designing tasks. All the best.

Author Bio:

Article WritingAlex Jone Works in a HR and Recruitment at Alliance Recruitment Agency- an IT Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping with international recruiting, staffing, virtual graphic design assistant ,HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.