video gamerIn theory, every single gamer has the same odds. In most competitive video games, especially those that are nowadays getting universally recognized as e-sports (MOBAs, Battle Royale, MMORPG, online FPS), all that you can pay for are some aesthetic upgrades.

Nevertheless, claiming that a smart investment can’t improve one’s efficiency is outright ridiculous.

A split-second advantage that you can receive from the ability to stream snipe against your opponent (and inspect their mini-map) or by being able to counter their pick with an ideal choice of your own is something for which you need dual monitors, a smartphone or a tablet. In other words, some gadgets are more than capable of providing you with a competitive advantage and here are some of them.

VR device

While it is true that VR devices still aren’t that big in competitive video gaming, more and more single-player games are currently offering this feature. Therefore, even pro gamers might want to consider purchasing a VR device in order to experience a completely new dimension of this interactive experience.

Seeing as how this trend is still on the rise, streamers and video game YouTubers might find that this device can virtually pay for itself. After all, most of their audience is still on the fence about whether to get this device on their own or not, so helping them make a decision may become a great business move.

Dual monitors

Dual monitors

This particular trend of using multiple monitors is at the moment so mainstream that we faced a dilemma of whether to actually include it on the list. Apart from looking at walkthroughs (perfectionists hunting for achievements), this trend also helps competitive online players look at guides, builds and counters. Furthermore, people who use platforms such as TeamSpeak or Skype for communication within the team might want to have a chat window opened while playing. While it’s true that none of this matters as much as actual skill, in a lot of situation, this kind of competitive edge can make a huge difference.

In competitive gaming, a split-second of saved time can make a difference between capturing an objective or losing focus entirely. Nevertheless, when it comes to graphics, resolution and overall clarity of visuals, it’s essential to have a gaming monitor, at least as your first display.

Dual monitors

Eye tracker

One of the most groundbreaking, yet simplest technologies there are is the so-called eye tracker. The way in which this works is fairly simple, you get a camera bar that you attach to your monitor and, with the help of the latest breakthroughs in the field of biometrics, it follows your eye movement across the screen. First of all, this trend helps you improve your focus and study your pattern of behavior in different situations.

Next, it helps game developers design a smarter interface, by focusing on what really matters. One of the massive improvements this has led to is the tendency of indie game developers to do something about the mini-map feature which tends to distract RPG players from the landscape and the world around them, in general.

Eye tracker

Smooth mouse tracking

Finally, some gamers really have a hard time controlling their anger issues during the game and, oftentimes, this isn’t even related to their temper but the adrenaline coursing through their veins. Either way, these gamers lift the mouse off the surface far more often than they should, which causes them to make a mistake in the most critical of situations. Luckily for them, with the help of a high-end mouse controller that has an enabled smooth tracking feature, they can finally rest assured, knowing that this won’t cause them to lose control during the most important moments.

The best thing about the above-listed four gadgets is the fact that they are so easy to integrate into your setup, that, just several days after you start using them, you’ll be able to completely forget what it was like without them. Nevertheless, the benefits that you receive are real, even if you aren’t aware of them all the time.