Atomic DesignEvery matter around us is made up of atoms, even designs are comprised of the atoms.

Atomic design concept is as simple as that, evolution in the design process with improved approach and experimenting different visual designs.

It is the revisit to play around our design frameworks. The methodology in the atomic design breaks down the website layout into basic components and then those components are reused throughout the site. The benefits of using the atomic design are:

1) The components with proper match can be mixed together: breaking down the components helps to analyse which components can be reused, and how they can be formed into another molecules and even organisms by mixing them with proper match.

2) Style guide creation is easy: the site from the get-go condition is built according to the principles. Hence, all the atoms and molecules can be created before the site is built. This can be served as the basic style guide in the top website design service. Even the sites which are not built properly, it is very easy to extrapolate the basic components and mix them together to create the extra pages. It is always best to create the site atomically from the beginning rather than creating hurdles in the site at the later stage.

3) Easy layout and consistent code: reading of code is not an easy job in the traditional site but it is pretty easy in atomic designed website. Not only in terms of reading the code, atomically designed website is very convenient to look back for any reference or for any queries. The documentation involved around the atoms and molecules and organisms makes it simple and represents the code of every part. Yet another simplification of atomic design is, it is self-explanatory to the new developer who can understand the code base easily.

Atomic design helps in avoiding the duplication of the code, as it is user predefined layout it is easy to see which component has been used in different parts. Creation of website layout without the atomic design is very difficult and even for a single code base they should look through the whole site and find the existing one.

4) Customization based on requirement: in an atomic design the atoms are used as the building blocks for website creation and definitely the web developer won’t create many atoms for the similar thing. Instead, what they do is, they look through the existing list of atoms and create the new atoms if required. Let us consider an example of the site, where the developer has maintained everything in black. The sub-header, the sub-title and paragraph of the website are all in black and for a while they have not worked on the website and they want to come back and change the title to the blue color. All they could do is customise one of the titles by looking at the existing titles list and get the desired results.

5) Faster prototyping: many pages can be mocked up quickly and easily by combining the required elements for the page. For the final site the mockup can be customized based on the requirement.

6) Easier to manipulate: only one atom is changed at any one time. Hence, it is easy to update the change at all instance and make it possible to reach every other component across the site. Similarly unwanted components can be removed easily across the site.

7) Few new components used in site creation: if a developer has list of molecules and atoms and organisms and presented to them before the website creation begins, it is more likely they are the existing atoms and the same are used in the creation and very few new components are used for small variations. For example, the font title required to design newly is 4.5em but the title design of font 4em already do exists, in that case the developer would obviously pick the title design of font 4em rather creating the whole new design title.

Atomic design is a great tool used in the website design services in the modern days to avoid the lengthy traditional method of building the website layouts.

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