Digital CurrenciesCryptocurrencies are definitely the biggest hype of the 2010s, at least when it comes to technology. They’ve already proven to be more than just a fad and are becoming increasingly popular.

Unfortunately, many people consider the digital currencies nothing but a scam, or at least a bubble that’s simply waiting to burst. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and we’re here to show you why investing in digital currencies is a much better idea than you might think.

Blockchain vouches for them

If you’ve ever sat down to research the world of cryptocurrencies and merely scraped the surface, you’ve surely heard about ‘Blockchain’. Going into the technical details of this technological achievement would take a lot of time, so here’s a simplified explanation: the idea of Blockchain is based on torrents – the vital security and transaction information is stored on each of the users’ devices. As such, Blockchain is pretty much unhackable.

They aren’t really that risky

People are scared of the fact that the cryptocurrencies are still something new, despite the fact that they’ve been surging in popularity over the course of what is now already half a decade. The world is used to fiat currencies, but this doesn’t mean that the cryptos are going anywhere. Many experts predict that Bitcoin will hit $100,000 in 10 years’ time and that Ethereum will rise to $1,000, perhaps even this year.

Of course, this is not to say that there is no risk involved in crypto investing. But when you think about it, was there ever a surefire way of making a lot of money without making some sort of leap of faith? Risk is definitely involved here, we’re just saying that it’s well worth the potential return!

They aren’t as volatile as thought

Price volatility is the number one reason why people are squeamish about cryptocurrencies. Although price volatility certainly is a thing here, this can be claimed for every other type of investment – the risk is what makes investments tick. Besides, compared to more settled commodities such as gold, the cryptocurrencies aren’t as volatile as the opposers would have you believe.
While it is true that the crypto price fluctuations are somewhat large, it is very important that you realize that all investments will show some kind of volatility in the short term. When it comes to the serious investors, it’s the long run that matters, and the cryptocurrencies are just about as volatile as your typical investment in these terms. Think in terms of stable, self-funded, honest projects; you can buy Dash, or invest in similar tried and true projects that have been around for a while and make a long-term investment.

You can always do what the experts do with them

One of the main benefits of Blockchain is transparency. Like, literal, tech transparency, and the general mentality around it. People like talking about their investments for a simple reason: the more hype is built around the particular cryptocurrency, the better the chances are that it will spike in price. Browse online and see what the experts say; we’re talking people like Bill Gates, Tim Draper, Richard Branson – names that aren’t to be associated solely with cryptocurrency. Bill Gates has been praising digital coins for a while now, while Richard Branson is a huge supporter of Bitcoin and the technology involved. As for Tim Draper, it is said that he has made more than $110 million through his Bitcoin investments.

We hope that we’ve managed to turn you into a crypto believer, because this world deserves to be praised much more than it currently is. With Blockchain to vouch for them, cryptocurrencies actually make for more than a sound investment.