5 Tips To Speed Up Your Game With WoWWorld of Warcraft is one of the biggest multiplayer online role-playing games.

First released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment, it’s the fourth game set to be released within the Warcraft universe.

With so many tips and tricks online, if you’re a first time player of the game, take a look at this list of things you can try to ensure you’re able to play World of Warcraft without difficulty.

1. Speed Up Your Internet

Your internet connection plays a big role in your enjoyment when playing World of Warcraft. To avoid experiencing any latency while playing, ensure you have a latency extension installed. If you’re able to run this, it should speed up your game time.

Within the game, there is a section where you can go to check what your latency score is. You’ll be able to monitor if your latency is increasing or decreasing. There are a number of ways you can tweak your internet settings to ensure optimal internet connectivity while playing, it’s just about finding the right balance.

2. Do Some Software Upgrades

With the rise in breaches in cybersecurity, there have been many gamers who have had their World of Warcraft accounts hacked. By getting yourself an authenticator, which is similar to a code generator you get from the bank, you can generate unique codes for each login making your account unhackable.

If you’re looking to purchase a Gaming PC, ensure you’re buying one that has 64 bit windows installed on it. The reason for doing that is the game often requires over 4GB of ram and you want to ensure you can play the game and get a proper experience.

5 Tips To Speed Up Your Game With WoW

3. Reduce Your Startup Programmes

Our computers are often filled with so many programs that startup along with your machine. As most of these are programs that don’t need to start up when you turn your machine on, it is taking up valuable CPU and memory. As this is something you have full control over to change, you can disable startup on the apps you know you won’t be using and if at a later stage you wish to enable them again, you can.

You can also tweak the settings of these applications and get it to ask permission to start up if it is going to do so automatically. Not only will this contribute to the startup of the machine but this step also allows for you to protect your machine from any viruses as well.

While you’re selecting your apps you wish to stop from running automatically, this is the perfect opportunity to turn off any unneeded programs or services as these also take up your gaming PC’s memory and processor time. When playing World of Warcraft, you often don’t need to run that you usually would and this can contribute to speeding up your game.

4. Defrag Your Hard Drive

The number one reason for defragging your computer is so you can start experiencing faster speeds and less loading time when you’re trying to do things on it. The defragging will organise your files a bit better and reduce the space between them.

This means your computer does not need to work harder to collect fragmented information across the hard drive. This results in you extending the life of your hard drive as well as your ability to play uninterrupted.

5. Finding The Optimal Settings in World of Warcraft

To ensure you have the best graphics quality ensure you select medium or above within the game’s settings. By doing this it will enable menu transparency if you hit the escape menu and it won’t turn off all miscellaneous objects.

You shouldn’t change any settings relating to the GUI refresh rate. This can contribute to lagging within the game. If it is on, you’re reducing the refresh rate by almost half making the game become unresponsive and your minimap not reflecting accurately.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your draw distance, ensure this setting is on medium or above. The setting determines the drawing distance on objects beyond the map, such as islands.

World of Warcraft

The List of Enhancements For World of Warcraft Is Endless

This is only the starting point when trying to speed up your game with World of Warcraft.

By following these steps you’re giving yourself an advantage over other players as your gaming pc has been set up correctly from the beginning.

By making minor changes to your computer’s settings as well as the game, you’re able to enjoy the game without any hassles.

Should you start to experience difficulties while playing and your game is beginning to slow down, there are ample resources on our blog that can assist you in getting back on track.

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