The Right Workforce Tracking Software For Your BusinessIn every mobile workforce, there are certain challenges that arise when your employees or assets move around a lot.

Whether your business venture is a construction firm, a delivery service, or any small business, there are risks and challenges to a mobile organization.

In today’s competitive business world, knowing where your assets and workforce is at all times is paramount to your company’s success.

Luckily, there are powerful workforce tracking software that help minimize the risk and loss of your business assets. These tools do the work for you, saving you time and money. This allows the business to focus on attaining target outputs and ensuring business growth.

Here are the important factors to consider when choosing the right workforce tracking software for your business.

Cloud-based software

Cloud-based software is the ideal platform for any and all tracking solutions. It enables your business to follow your assets wherever and whenever you want. Web-based trackers give you complete visibility, giving you complete access to your assets.

European Cloud Computing

Cloud-based software is flexible and location-independent. This gives your business mobility inside and outside the office. It is also a secure way of tracking your assets while giving you the access to your data anytime and anywhere.

Mobile-friendly tracking apps

Web-enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets can serve as a powerful tool to track your assets and workforce. They unhinge your business from location-dependent software. In the field of mobile tracking, technology such as GPS functionality help you confirm the location and position of your assets and workforce. Tools such as mapping software add a layer of security, allowing you to color-code or create unique icons for specific monitoring.

Mobile tracking apps eliminate the risk of lost or forgotten assets. They also contribute to increased company ROI and staff efficiency thanks to automated alerts that directly feed to your smartphone or tablet devices. Mobile tracking apps give you accurate real-time data, maximizing efficiency and time.

Simple and intuitive to use

While there may be a temptation to opt for tracking tools such as RFID chips and barcodes, the risk to reduced profitability makes these tools inefficient. Rather, choose easy asset trackers that feature a simple setup and are intuitive to use. They remove the antiquated processes often found in multi-step manual processes such as RFID and barcode technologies.

What’s more, easy asset trackers are discreet and easy to use on your assets. Once installed, they eliminate human error and require no maintenance. Alongside this, they work easily with web-enabled devices to give you real-time data and notifications by the minute. They are affordable assets that enhance and improve your company’s mobility.

User interface

Tracking software must be easy to use, responsive, and require a minimal learning curve. The right tracking software for your business will be one which enables you to employ its tools and services the moment the software is implemented. Any software that features cumbersome systems to learn can reduce profitability and run the risk of errors in the future.

Look for tracking software that features minimal hardware and is easy to use. A tracking platform that encompasses your complete business needs, from GPS tracking to minute-by-minute reporting, can increase profits and enable your business to function at its best.

Powerful GPS tracking

GPS tracking

The success of your mobile-enabled business depends on reliable GPS tracking. In the face of progressive technology, tracking your assets with real-time data provides opportunities for exceptional service. The right tracking software gives up-to-date information, minute by minute, and provides map-based live views of your personnel’s movements.

Powerful GPS tracking gives your company a layer of convenience to deliver a unique experience to your customers. Look for GPS tracking software that has to-the-minute information, works without any human input, and is accurate to within 10 meters. This will ensure 100% tracking and data accuracy while enabling your business to function at its best.

In today’s competitive business, attaining the optimized target output is critical to the success of your business. While this is true for any entrepreneurial venture, it is especially fundamental to any mobile company. Tracking where your workforce and assets are does not have to be a hassle. There are powerful workforce tracking software out there that can maximize your company’s profitability.


Article WritingOliver Threlfall is the CEO of TechLoc, a provider of innovative assets and workforce management technology for businesses. TechLoc asset tracking and business systems now has three international offices in the US, Canada and Australia and continues to roll out all over the globe. A biology major at Deakin University and a born entrepreneur, Oliver also founded Steamat Australia, a leading cleaning and restoration firm servicing Australian businesses and families.