4 IT Tips for the Modern BusinessIn today’s increasingly digital business world, the biggest threats to companies don’t always come from competitors or economic forces.

Sometimes the biggest threat to your firm comes from the tools you use to build your business.

Computer viruses cost companies about $55 billion a year. If you don’t take precautions, a hostile intrusion into your computer systems can devastate your bottom line.

With that in mind, below are four IT tips you can use to ward off viruses and other digital threats.

1. Invest in a Custom Antivirus Software Suite

If you want to stop viruses from infecting and harming your company’s computer network, you need to invest in antivirus software. However, you shouldn’t simply choose an off-the-shelf solution. Instead, work directly with an antivirus vendor to develop a software package tailored to the exact specifications of your computer systems. Different companies use their computers in different ways. A one-size-fits-all solution may miss significant security gaps in your network.

2. Use an IT Service

One reality of running a business is the need for an IT service or department of some sort. Unfortunately, having an in-house IT department can be extremely expensive. The competitive salaries demanded by most IT professionals may be too high for the budgets of a small business. Thankfully, if that is the case for your company, you can choose to outsource IT services to an outside firm. This gives you the technological assistance you need without requiring you to actually employ a full-time interior tech support member.

If you’re a novice at IT, you shouldn’t expect to know what to do to protect your company from viruses and other digital threats like malware and ransomware. The services of professionals should be sought instead, especially if you need to do some actual physical set-up. There are cabling companies in Ottawa and pretty much everywhere else who specialize I that part of the process specifically.

3. Invest in a Hardware Firewall

Firewalls are extremely important for stopping viruses and other digital threats that can harm a company’s computers. Even if you don’t have much by way of IT department, you should never be operating without a firewall to keep your network safe from threats. In regards to firewalls, you have two choices. You can invest in a software based firewall or a hardware based firewall. While a software based firewall will be cheaper, in most cases, the hardware based solution will provide you with stronger and more comprehensive protection.

4. Scan Email

Any antivirus strategy worth its salt also requires that all emails opened on company computers be scanned for threats. This includes both email attachments and links included within email text that can be used to hide viruses, malware, Trojans and more. Train employees on how to scan their email for viruses and other threats to make sure they don’t accidentally compromise the company network.

Viruses can wreak havoc on your computer systems and lead to losses in the thousands or even millions of dollars. Be proactive about shielding your computer network from viruses, malware and other malicious programs. Not taking the proper precautions can be extremely costly.