The right desk for officeGetting the right desk is directly proportional to your working efficiency. Most people overlook the importance of having the right desk. In most cases, it seems like a trivial component of the overall setup.

You may think that any desk can be as good for as any other, but you are completely wrong. A desk is a platform where you write, organize your stuff on, and place your computer. Therefore, you have to take into consideration a lot of factors.

For instance, you need to consider if the desk is big enough to accommodate your stuff, you need to consider if it is at the right height, you may also need to consider if it would suit and fit in your office space.

Although nothing beats choosing the furniture in person, knowing a few pointers can help you choose a better desk for your office.

What Kind of Work Do You Do?

The desk that you choose for your office highly depends on the type and scope of your work.

For instance, if your work is digital in nature and if it involves using computer a lot, then you need a desk that is large enough to accommodate your screen and other peripherals. Depending upon how many monitors you have, you may need a small or a large desk. You also need to factor in whether you will be placing the CPU on the ground or on the desk. Finally, if you will only be using a laptop, then you can live with a small desk

Similarly, if your work involves composing music, then you need a large dedicated workstation grade desk. There are specialized desk called studio desks that are fit for this purpose.

Therefore, it is important to know that there are specialized desk for specialized tasks.

Studio Desk
Studio Desk

What Kind of Shape do you want?

Office desks come in many different shapes and sizes. There are four most common shapes for a desk: rectangle, corner, l-shaped and U-shaped.

Rectangle shaped desks are your everyday generic desks. These are found in almost every office settings.

Corner desks are small. They are designed to fit right in the corner of your room. They are excellent for home but would rarely be used in an office setting.

L-Shaped desks are much larger than rectangular or corner desks. They basically have two wings so that you can place your stuff on either side of desk.

The largest and the most expensive among all the desks are the U-Shaped desks. They are very large and usually come with a large hutch. They are most suited for executive office environment. An average employ wouldn’t find too much use of these large desks.

U shaped desk
U shaped desk

Every shape can also be found in specialized form. So you can find rectangle studio desk or buy L shaped gaming desk etc. Therefore, you can imagine that the choice in finding the right desk is huge.

What kind of material do you need?

Desks are generally available in four different materials. There are more exotic materials but the most common are plastic, glass, steel and wood. Since plastic is not suitable for an office environment, you do not need to consider it.

Office Desks are generally made up of pure wood or a combination of wood, steel and glass. Since there is a wide variety of wood, the cost of a wooden desk can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars depending on the type of wood used.

Every wood type has different properties. There are some wood material that naturally termite proof, others all weather resistant. Therefore, depending on these properties, the cost can vary widely.

Steel is usually used for frame instead of the primary surface material. You will see steel often used with glass desks. Glass surface desks are generally inexpensive compared to wooden desks, but are also not as durable and prone to accidental damages.


The choice is huge. When it comes to finding the right desk for your office, you need to consider how you will use it, the shape you want and the material that suits your needs.

The only way to know if you will be comfortable sitting on it is to try it out yourself.