Virtual Phone Service FeaturesSmall business owners and small businesses are getting on board with using a digital phone service.

The mobile-friendly capabilities and business-focused features are just a few of the appealing elements of this business communication solution.

Only a decade ago, if you owned a business and wanted to use your cell phone instead of an office phone, you needed to depend on your own cell phone plan and use your personal telephone number to keep in touch with potential customers. This would have kept you from developing a professional reputation.

As a result, you more than likely needed to spend the extra money on a business phone provider plan with primary providers just to appear like a reputable business.

These days, a virtual phone service can provide you the professional appearance you want with many of the best VoIP features readily available. The best part? You can see considerable savings if you’re switching over from a major phone service company.

Voicemail to Email

As a small business, you really want to ensure that you communicate with every patron that comes your way. Voicemail to email keeps your messages on hand and ready to access from your email so you don’t miss out on new sales revenue possibilities. Don’t let this relatively basic feature fool you- we’ve come up with a few great ways you can use this feature to save time and energy.

Call Logging

Track your inbound and outbound calls and conversations for more accurate and personal follow ups. Even though this is a resource that call centers generally appreciate, call logging can give small business owners and their teams the information they need to boost customer satisfaction and ultimately, client retention.

Virtual Phone System

Call Continuity

As a new business, you want to preserve a track record based on integrity. If you’re searching for consistent uptime, call continuity is your go-to feature. It’s easy to set up and keeps your calls coming in so your small-sized business can grow with a reputation of reliability.

Automated Attendant

Are you still considering hiring front-desk staff for that professional feel? Search no further than an automated attendant. With this particular virtual phone service function, you can professionally welcome callers, route them to the right individual, and educate them of new gadgets or upcoming promotions.

Personalized Prompt Menus

Prompt selections work hand in hand with your auto attendant to give customers an opportunity to make their experience nicer. Customize your menu to your own solutions to help callers get the support they need.

Is a Virtual Phone System Ideal for Your Company?

A virtual phone system isn’t for everyone but if utilizing your own cell phone number to take care of business is getting in the way of establishing your business as a qualified and reliable one, then maybe it’s time to check out how a virtual phone system can help develop your business.

Many business phone service providers offer several plans which consists of the solutions pointed out above along with 24/7 U.S. based assistance and no contracts. Run (and grow) your enterprise on a mobile device without giving up quality or your budget!

Use these virtual phone service features to help grow your business. They’re easy to use & even easier to fall in love with. Learn more with FastPBX.