Export Yahoo Mail Address Book Can Anyone Suggest Me How to Export Yahoo Mail Address Book in CSV File?

Yahoo; being quite the biggest web portal alongside being a popular search engine, has marked its dominance in the internet world with the popularity of webmail service being offered from its side.

As no one has heard about Yahoo mail contact list problems, but it sometimes persists all of the sudden and create troublesome issues for the users.

With users changing email services one day or the other, but the contacts with which communication is done, remains the same. That is why it is essential for users to keep the contact list or address book with them. Exporting Yahoo mail address book, can be quite helpful for them to communicate with your friends or the known ones through the contacts already listed within it.

In Yahoo mail; it’s really an easy task to manage your contacts on a daily basis, but the exporting of a contact list or address book can also be done easily. The CSV format is quite an easy format to export address book as it enjoys the universal popularity and compatibility. Exporting address book in CSV format from the Yahoo address book and importing it to Outlook or Thunderbird, can be really helpful; who use third-party email client app to send and receive mails.

But some of the users are not aware of the feature to export contact list from their personal or official Yahoo mail account. Even if they know a little bit about it, they keep facing problems while exporting Yahoo mail contact list. The process of exporting Yahoo mail, address book through a web browser and App is quite different. As most of the Y! users access Smartphone device these days, they generally prefer doing all the activities through App rather than using web browsers, which they generally use on their desktop or laptop device.

As of now, the steps are being offered to export contacts from the Yahoo address book through a web browser. It’s advised to implement the steps properly to export yahoo address book in the CSV format.

Export Yahoo Mail Address Book in CSV File

Steps to Export Yahoo Mail Address Book on Web Browser

Here are the steps to export Yahoo mail address book contact list using the web browser:

  • Login in to Yahoo account entering correct sign-in credentials.
  • Upon successful sign-in, select contacts in the left side bar of Yahoo mail.
  • Select all the contacts in the address book and click on actions.
  • Upon clicking the same, the options appear in which you need to select export from the menu that has appeared.
  • Opt for the desired format like CSV to export a file with.csv extension.
  • Now click export now option and enter the Captcha code by typing the text in the given box.
  • Click Export now again and logout from the Yahoo account.
  • Now go to the location where the exported file with the Yahoo address book is saved and import the same in Outlook or Thunderbird third-party email client app.

The steps mentioned above are not that much complex, which creates problems for the users while implementing the same. In case any of the users face problems while exporting Y! Webmail address book in CSV format, then it’s always recommended to visit Yahoo help page rather than make persistent attempts which may make the scenario more complex or beyond the scope to get resolved.


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