Video ConferencingEvery passing day in the business world, companies are trying to find the most effective ways to save costs whilst they increase their productivity.

For most companies, staff time, travelling for meetings or other official matters are the biggest drain on finances.

The introduction of video conferencing has provided companies with a cheaper and more effective way of communicating with customers, suppliers and employees. In the global economy we may regularly need to communicate with people in far away places.

A large number of companies are now opting for video conferencing as one of the best ways to cut the cost of running their business. This however doesn’t mean that the technology comes without flaws.

High Cost For Setting Up

For small companies looking to compete with larger cooperations, setting up video conferencing in their office building can be really costly. If the small company wants advanced features they may have to invest a considerable amount, for larger companies making the investment maybe more affordable but it still won’t be cheap. Companies of all sizes can reduce their initial outlay with a hosted service like Lifesize or BlueJeans, BlueJeans allows companies to bridge together business and consumer video conferencing services. Such functionality allows companies to collaborate effectively with their social networks, employees, existing customers, new customers, partners and suppliers.

Technical Problems

For any technological advancement made, there are bound to be some technical problems. In video conferencing it is no different, technical problems do occur from time to time. When the company is communicating with people who are in remote areas, connectivity can become a big problem. Sometimes the internet goes down, that can really derail some conversations and delay deals that were to be made through video conferencing.

Time Zones

Time zone can really be a disadvantage when video conferencing. Sometimes a company may want to communicate with someone who is in a completely different time zone, this may mean that when party wants to make call may the other party could already be asleep and the conferencing session may not be possible. This can obviously be overcome with a bit of preparation and a little email communication before hand, a late night or early morning will be probably be preferable to days of travel.

Lack Of Personal Interaction

Some people want to have personal face to face meetings with companies and see how a company is being run so they know that the money they are going to invest in the company is safe. Video conferencing will not bring the personal touch that the client may need, this is always something that can be overcome.


Video conferencing makes things easier for companies but it does present a few disadvantages from time to time. Technical problems are bound to occur sometimes, as mentioned above. A hosted video conferencing solution can eradicate a number of issues such as; set-up cost and reliabilty. A hosted video conferencing solution can also connect a number of different devices, this means a company can communicate with individuals even if they only have a SmartPhone or tablet.

This post was written and supplied on behalf of Interact, specialists in video conferencing solutions.
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