The driverless futureIntroduction

Uber transportation service is efficiently performing the process of transportation from one place to another place. It contains and reveals so many advanced features which are related to the transportation service.

Recently, it has a partnership with Daimler (automobile manufacturing company). For the purpose of manufacturing the driverless vehicle, there are some skilled technicians are required.

Uber transportation service has a partnership with Mercedes-Benz which is parent Daimler. Making a car is really hard, which contains so many hardware components and external specifications too. The auto manufacturers are manufacturing the self-driving car with the help of an ancient feature. Daimler has planned to implement the Uber’s ride-sharing tech with a driverless car.

Feature of self-driving car

There are so many advantages are available in the self-driving car and it is efficiently carrying the commuters with it. The driverless vehicle has following features like GPRS, GSM and antenna etc. these specifications are mainly used for the advanced communication in the transportation. The details about the destination are already programmed with it and combined with Google map which directs the route.

GPRS is mainly used to detect the place of the commuter to find where they are being. Then the GSM (global system for mobile communication) is mainly used to send a message in the manner of wireless transmission. The antenna is used for the purpose of text sending and receiving through the transportation service. It is crucial that the transportation service is maintaining the self-driving car with the corresponding features.

The sensor is also available in the vehicle of Uber transportation service for the purpose of stopping the vehicle. There is an availability of monitoring system in the transportation vehicle which is controlling the direction. If any problems are occurring in this transporting vehicle, that will be controlled by the above specifications. This vehicle is initially started in the country of United States of America.

The driverless future

Things to be considered in the transportation

There are so many things have to be considered by the people who are all accessing the transportation service. It can be achieved through the mobile application and it provides an efficient performance by its features. In our modern world, the people are looking for the easiest way to reduce the work within a particular time. For that purpose, this efficient transportation is available with most of the advanced features.

According to the recent survey, there is 72 percent of people are accessing this transportation service in the world. Because of that, there will be a number of vehicles have to be used. Those vehicles are manufactured by the Automobile manufacturers who are very skilled in developing the project. They are supporting this transportation service to get number one standard in the world.

There are some indispensable features are followed by the automobile manufacturers to design certain vehicles as per the expectation from the commuters. The vehicle should have an infrastructure in an efficient manner which is comfortable to the commuters. This service should deliver every detail about the destination to the commuters who are all traveling with it. The transportation can be achieved with the various kinds of vehicles.

Advantages of self-driving cars

It doesn’t require a driver to direct the vehicle in the desired route and reaching a destination. The salary of the drivers can be deducted from the organization which is maintaining the transportation service. It places the hardware and software components with it to perform an advanced task. It will not make any accident and it could be the proper journey without any tension.

Most of the commuters are speculators in this transportation service of Uber and it will lead to the tension free travel to them. Google map is available in the self-driving vehicle which is manufactured by the automobile manufacturers. In addition to the process of transportation service, it is performing some delivery process too.

Disadvantages of this technique

The vehicle is manufactured by the automobile manufacturers in an efficient way. But, there may be some human error can occur and because of that, an accident also can occur. If the driver is mentally getting some problem, it will lead to the accident. Without a skilled driver, we couldn’t reach the destination in short cut which reduces the time of travel.

Even though this is more efficient, it can introduce some problem as a human error. We have to be aware of those problems and there will be some critical issues to avoid. Even it has a program with software products to direct the route; there should be a skilled driver to direct. Traveling as a single person, will not be that much safety anywhere in the world.

How can it be implemented?

Nowadays the world is full of technologies with more number of advanced techniques. The people are very interest to use the new techs which are modified from the antique techs. Let imagine about the driverless car! Its features and specifications with certain conditional terms are very crucial to follow and maintain properly. It has an open platform for the process of ride-hailing. If we use the Automobile manufacturers to design a self-driving vehicle, there may be so many advantages will happen.

They will create a unique design of a vehicle for the transportation service and it exhibits the process of Global ride-sharing. If the modifications are perfect matches with the commuter’s need towards the journey, we can implement this in a transportation service. Initially, it would be published in the USA and after that in Australia where this transportation has been populated a lot.

Uber transportation service


As we are all known that the transportation service of Uber is introducing some different vehicles with advanced specifications, it will combine with the service of Zip car. Recently, it has been combined with the automobile manufacturers to create a new driverless vehicle in the transportation service. We have to know about the every detail and we should make use of it in the transportation service.

Eventually, we have to know that the Uber transportation service is added up with the automobile manufacturers through which we can have a happy journey. The transportation service of Uber and its vehicle which is used to make a journey can reduce the time of traveling. It has so many advantages like this by an efficient performance of a vehicle.

In the forthcoming days, this method and type of manufacturing the vehicle can be modified a lot with some advanced features. The transportation service is accessed through the mobile applications which are providing related information about it. It supports the websites to update the details and downloading the app towards the process of transportation. We can pay the ticket amount through the online itself.

There is precedence especially for the commuters who are traveling in the Uber transportation service. While we are traveling in that service the organization will take a complete responsibility on the commuters. In fact, it provides every support to the passenger to get their satisfaction and feedback. We can have a happy journey with the transportation service of Uber and it may be a self-driving vehicle which is manufactured by the automobile manufacturer.