SD-WANThe software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) services are growing in popularity. Currently, many organisations, buoyed by the need to use the new versions of SDNs, are turning to SD-WANs as the perfect solution to the problems that are associated with the use of traditional WAN technologies.

Besides, many organisations are turning to SD-WANs as opposed to Hybrid WANs for the main reason that SD-WANs are built on various improvements to the architecture and performance of Hybrid WANs.

One problem that organisations face when it gets to using SD-WAN services relates to choosing the actual type of the service and the vendor with whom organisations can work. Currently, the market of SD-WAN services is flooded with service providers. However, the high number of service providers does not mean that the quality of the services that are available for your organisation has declined.

On the contrary, it appears that the growing level of competition among players in this nascent industry is helping to set very high standards of service among the players in the industry. As many established and new service providers compete to outdo each other, they develop highly innovative and consistent service offerings in a bid to woo new clients and maintain the existing ones.

You are the ultimate beneficiary of this process because you end up getting value for the money that you spend buying SD-WAN services. Here are some of the factors that may indicate you are ready for SD-WAN services.

The need to connect your branch network

If you have few or several branches, then you may consider it necessary to use a highly effective SDN to connect all your branches. An effective inter-branch connection network is essential for your work as an organisation. It is only when all the employees of your organisation can access and communicate effectively, regardless of their location, that you can say that your organisation is performing optimally.

An SD-WAN service provides you with a highly integrated form of connection for all your branches. Given that the service has two sets of connections (one based on the internet and the other on MPLS or some other form of technology) it can help to keep your employees connected and engaged at all times.

SD-WAN services

The need for enhanced security

Cyber security is now an essential aspect of the IT policy of any organisation. It is impractical to operate in the current business environment without having in place a sound cybersecurity policy. However, you need to take this into consideration: developing and implementing a cyber security policy for your organisation is an expensive undertaking. One of the things that make it costly to implement a cyber security plan for your organisation relates to nature of the operations involved.

SD-WAN service providers now provide a solution to this problem. It is common for some providers of SD WAN or Software Defined WAN services to offer bundled-up services. The main advantage of this service offering is that the vendor seeks to handle the security needs of the client during the life of the contract. In this case, you will not have to worry about the security features of your network, since your SD-WAN service provider will handle them.

In conclusion

SD-WAN services may be for you if you have a number of branches that are remotely located and you need a highly reliable and flexible SDN for your operations. An SD-WAN service will help you solve this complex problem by providing high-speed connectivity for your organisation. Besides, you may need to use SD-WAN services as a way of addressing network security features for your organisation. Given the nature of the SD-WANs, it may be necessary for you to buy them for your organisation.