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Export Yahoo Mail Address Book Can Anyone Suggest Me How to Export Yahoo Mail Address Book in CSV File?

Yahoo; being quite the biggest web portal alongside being a popular search engine, has marked its dominance in the internet world with the popularity of webmail service being offered from its side.

As no one has heard about Yahoo mail contact list problems, but it sometimes persists all of the sudden and create troublesome issues for the users. Continue reading


Video ConferencingEvery passing day in the business world, companies are trying to find the most effective ways to save costs whilst they increase their productivity.

For most companies, staff time, travelling for meetings or other official matters are the biggest drain on finances.

The introduction of video conferencing has provided companies with a cheaper and more effective way of communicating with customers, suppliers and employees. In the global economy we may regularly need to communicate with people in far away places. Continue reading

Conference RoomThere is nothing as irritating as attending a meeting in a conference room that has a poor display. You struggle to follow presentations and this impedes your ability to make contributions.

It is even worse when you are a guest in the conference room. You keep wondering why the company could not have just sprung for a better display for the sake of clients, partners and anyone who ends up using the conference room for a meeting. Continue reading

What Is an LRS and Why You Need It?Technology has significantly gone forward and various types of industries are using it to improve their workflows, productivity and efficiency. One of the industries in which collecting data is very important is eLearning.

This is precisely why a learning record store (LRS) is important.

It is known to all that LMS software tools are perfect for creating courses, organizing content and learning communities. But, what about the data concerning each student’s performance? Continue reading

The driverless futureIntroduction

Uber transportation service is efficiently performing the process of transportation from one place to another place. It contains and reveals so many advanced features which are related to the transportation service.

Recently, it has a partnership with Daimler (automobile manufacturing company). For the purpose of manufacturing the driverless vehicle, there are some skilled technicians are required. Continue reading

What is fatigue testing?

Fatigue testing is the most important stage in the manufacturing process. This is what ensures the product will work as advertised throughout its intended lifespan.

What is fatigue testing?

Nearly all products worth purchasing are subject to some level of fatigue testing – an extensive cyclical process that tests for unexpected progressive structural changes that can cause irreparable damage under repeated stress.

Companies run high and low cycle tests to check for various forms of fatigue, including but not limited to: material fatigue, creep fatigue, thermal mechanical fatigue, and corrosion fatigue. Continue reading

Cloud Computing For Business ManagementIn order to use the internet for computing activity, the cloud computing is the best choice.

If you are willing to have a proper business environment then you must need IT which enabled all the devices in order to make connectivity.

On the other hand, the stuff like data applications, security and networking and many other things provided you by the cloud service. Continue reading

SD-WANThe software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) services are growing in popularity. Currently, many organisations, buoyed by the need to use the new versions of SDNs, are turning to SD-WANs as the perfect solution to the problems that are associated with the use of traditional WAN technologies.

Besides, many organisations are turning to SD-WANs as opposed to Hybrid WANs for the main reason that SD-WANs are built on various improvements to the architecture and performance of Hybrid WANs. Continue reading

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