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Hybrids laptopsStaying in touch with the virtual world 24 hours a day has become the need of the moment, and that’s why tablets and netbooks are considered the integral part of lives today.

With a plethora of components, tablets have started to replace the other devices. Does that mean the era of netbooks is over?

No, there is something else coming up, and before sneaking over that, here is what you need to know all about netbooks and tablets. Continue reading


High-tech Kitchen Gadgets

smart platesSince its humble beginnings, the art of preparing food has come a long way. Today, everyone can have exotic spices and cooking ingredients from half a world away in their kitchen cabinet. However, this is not all that has improved.

The introduction of new gadgets into our kitchens is a process that has lasted for over a century now.

Still, having an electric oven, fridge and coffee maker are no longer things to be impressed with. Today, we live in a digital world, a world of hyper-connectivity and the Internet of Things. With this in mind, here are a few gadgets that can truly introduce your kitchen to the 21st century. Continue reading

 The Technology Behind Wix.comThere are thousands of ways to build a website, and is one of the most popular brands in the website builder industry.

Wix has established itself as a market leader, and has been around for several years already – in fact, more than a decade.

Despite its popularity, if you’re a business owner, or just someone who is interested in starting a website, you probably want to know about the technology behind, and we’re here to discuss that. Continue reading

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