Poker in IndiaIts New Year’s and time to make it Large!

It is that time of the year, when couples and stags will pay big bucks just for New Year’s party. Casinos will witness huge inflow of money. It’s time for people to try their luck.

Poker in India is not as famous as teen patti, rummy and black jack. Nevertheless, it’s gaining importance from last few decades. Online poker in India has seen some great players and they are all waiting to earn big on New Year.

The Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Card are played with no limits. Stakes will be sky-high. Parties will have lavish settings, poker themed venues with some exciting cash prizes. Get your tournament ticket and splash some cash at the table.

Expertise at Good Use

Veterans will sign up for tournaments like these and win big. With online poker you don’t have to be physically present at the parlour or casino or the poker table. You can enjoy a drink, spend time with your people, and still manage to play poker. Individuals who play card games, have some knick-knacks and have mastered the game. It is a golden chance for these individuals to excel at online poker and win big. You can either team up with friends or play as a group.

Poker Rules

In India, people have played and mastered teen patti and favoured this game over others. But, with poker gaining importance, the game has come at par with teen patti. According to seasoned gamers, poker keeps them engaged. They believe that the game can switch sides at any moment. Nobody can predict the clear winner until the very last moment. What people like about poker is the stakes can be pre decided and controlled. You can opt to play for pot limit poker and win/lose a decent amount. Whereas in teen patti, there is no set amount. Moreover, playing same game over the years have given rise to boredom. People want a change and an exciting way to celebrate festivals.

Casinos in India

Playing cards = tradition at festivals

People are so serious about gaming these days; they take playing card games at festivals very religiously. The entire family plays as one entity. The stakes are kept minimal and enjoyment levels are high. The tricks that are learned over the years are by youngsters, are then utilized while they play online poker in India.

Online Vs. Real Game

While some gamers prefer online poker while other (oldies & veterans) prefer visiting a casino and playing a real game. Some do it for ambiance and the feel they get at the casino. Nowadays youngsters believe in saving time. They just download an online poker application and play online poker. Since the stakes at the casino are very high at festivals, the youngsters who cannot afford feel it safe to play at the comfort of their home.

Well on a lighter note, why don’t we adhere to these New Year resolutions at porker parties?

  • Always, act in turn. This includes checking, folding and betting.
  • Resolve to stack your chips in a neat fashion.
  • Learn the rules — both the general and the specific eccentricities of my card room.
  • Be polite to dealers, opponents, chip runners, servers and floor people.
  • Treat my opponents with respect.
  • Resolve to play fast.