Movavi Screen Capture for MacMovavi Screen Capture for Mac is an excellent tool to record screencast tutorials to showcast something that occurs on the screen.

This software allows you to demonstrate tips and tricks on using software. You can share some tips on how to playing a simulation game by recording yourself playing the game.

You can also record your review on a digital product with the screen recorder tool. You can also create a screencast to demonstrate the problems that you are facing with your computer to get attention from the support team to fix the problem.

Movavi Screen Capture for Mac allows beginners to learn how to record video on Mac on screen as well as with the use of webcam.

The program will capture everything that appear within the recording frame so it is important that you clear up your desktop by quitting applications you don’t need prior to recording. If you are recording a tutorial, it is best that you use a solid color background as your wallpaper instead of a picture wallpaper.

It is also important to quit all the programs in the system tray that will show pop ups from time to time. When you are creating screencast for the first time, you may make mistakes. Usually, you will have to repeat 2 – 3 times to get the screencast recorded right.

When moving your mouse cursor during the screen recording, make sure you don’t move it too fast. If the cursor movement is too fast, it can be hard for the visitor to follow. It is best to move the mouse slowly while you are carrying out demonstrations on the computer screen.

Movavi Screen Capture for Mac offers mouse cursor highlighting feature. The clicks can be highlighted and sounds can be added to every mouse click you make for both left/right mouse button clicks. This can make your mouse cursor movement and mouse clicks more noticeable to the audience.

Set Up Screen Video Capture on Your Mac

If you have no idea what sound track to use for the mouse click sound, you can record your own soundtrack for use as the mouse click sound. If you want to record your own narration of the instructions, you can click on the microphone button to enable it. To get the best result, you should stay some distance away from the microphone otherwise it will record a lot of noises.

If you are afraid of making a mistake in the narration, you should read from a script. If you don’t want to read from a script, you can create an outline and reference it to avoid making mistakes. If you don’t have time to record the entire length of screencast in one time, you can record multiple short clips so that you can merge them together in the video editor.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac allows you to save the screencast video in a wide range of video file types. You can quickly post the screencast you have created to YouTube or Facebook or your own website with the uploading tool in YouTube.