TechnologyTechnology has already changed the business landscape in numerous ways, from streamlined manufacturing processes to customer engagement tactics.

One other important contribution they have is in the workforce health and wellness sector. As a business owner, paying close attention to your employees’ health makes both moral and strategic sense.

The healthier your employees are, the better their performance at work and the less frequent they call in sick.

That is just one reason why it is essential for you to do all that you can to make sure that your employees are safe and sound. Luckily with all of the modern day advanced technology keeping your employees healthy and safe is easier than ever! Here’s four ways on how business owners can capitalize on technology to boost their employees’ health.

Wearable technology

Smart watches are the most popular wearable technology today, and for good reason. They’re both functional and stylish, allowing you to track your health while also making a really good accessory to whatever fashion style you sport. Smart watches, such as those from Apple and FitBit, are built in with features including a pedometer, heart rate monitor, and blood pressure monitor. An employee who has a smart watch can track his/her lifestyle and identify whether or not they need to be moving more, if they are getting enough sleep, and if their heart rate fluctuates at life-threatening rates during certain times of day. This is definitely a great way to track employees health and figure out how intensive the work is.

Reduces Stress Levels

Mobile applications, like Pip, can help lower levels of stress at work through interactive fun games. This ultimately leads to a more productive and healthier environment for your workforce. It is essential for you to allow your employees to take breaks and do fun things like this. Another possible way technology can lower workplace-related stress is to make sure computers, servers, and networks are running smoothly. Hiring a professional Ottawa network management provider to help with IT support and infrastructure demands is definitely a worthwhile business investment.

Boost Cognitive Abilities

Business owners, especially startups, use video games as a means to de-stress in the workplace. A healthy employee isn’t just physically active, but mentally strong as well. In fact, researchers have found that indulging in your favorite video game at least one hour per day can boost cognitive performance.

Improve Health Awareness

Group emails, Cloud-based presentations, and other health awareness campaign programs are a great way to make your employees acknowledge the fact that some common workplace habits are bad for their health and must be curbed asap. Through technology, dissemination of this important data is made at unequaled speeds and scale.

Boosting your workforce’s health through the help of technology can be done efficiently by identifying carefully which technological devices and platforms are best suited for the job. Some technologies work better for specific workforce groups than others, so give this a careful thought prior taking any actionable measures.