Business Technology TrendsKeeping up with the current trends and technology isn’t just important for a business of any scale – it’s paramount!

With the business world developing at the speed of light, if you snooze for just a day, you’ll not only lose, but become virtually invisible. That’s why you must follow technology trend reports year after year, notice what’s changing and see how you can fit into the current tendencies.

Here are some of the most important trends for the year ahead of us and how you can adapt them to your own business model.

Becoming Mobile

Since more and more businesses keep transferring onto the mobile platforms of communication, this is definitely something you should take into serious consideration. Mobile commerce includes two major instances – conducting marketing strategies over the mobile platforms and allowing payment the same way – and only those companies ready to accept this way of handling business will be eligible for success in 2017.

In addition to reaching more potential clients, customers and partners over the Internet, think about mobile banking, too. Even though many people were skeptical about the importance of smartphones for conducting payments, this trend has skyrocketed, reaching a predicted 210% increase just this year. An increasing number of people use this method of payment, making daily visits to a bank quite obsolete. So, if you want to get noticed, get mobile as soon as possible!

Staff 2.0

Another great thing about the developed technology being everywhere around is being able to rely on people who aren’t physically close to you, but are still a vital part of your company. Hiring third-party employees from remote locations is now easier than ever. Moreover, it’s cheaper than conducting interviews and worrying about things like insurance, office space and health benefits. When employing outsourced employees, your business becomes faster and more responsive.

Business Technology Trends to Think About in 2017
With a virtual workforce, you can move all your workload onto the Internet. Instead of organizing weekly staff meetings and assigning tasks, you can do it all that over Basecamp, Buffer and Slack, as well Google Docs and various cloud services. This way, you’ll be able to keep a record of your affairs and access it in just a few clicks.

Better Security

With all of these over-the-Internet trends happening everywhere around you, there’s another concern – security. Relying on cloud computing and mobile technologies will definitely make your business more visible, quicker, flexible, accessible and user-friendly, but it’s also going to put you at risk. Being a target of online hackers is a harsh reality, and your sensitive data, including your customer database and your clients’ private information, can be attacked any day now.

That’s the reason why you should take more care when it comes to security. With all of these threats surrounding us, it seems that data security will be one of the most important features of the business world in 2017. Additionally, invest some money into physical security as well – no matter how many times you back-up your files on a million different hard drives, it’s useless if thieves break into a storage where you keep them. According to an expert locksmith from Macquarie Park, only by covering both aspects of security will you be able consider your business properly secure.

Other Ideas

These are, of course, not the only business technology trends that are going to make the difference between success and failure in 2017. Some of the other tendencies that will start gaining importance include CRM systems, the role of artificial intelligence and business intelligence software, so these are the things you should invest your time and money into.