Trends in Technology 2017There just seems to be no end to the advancements that the ongoing tech revolution has been bringing upon mankind.

You can expect to see more automation, but even more importantly, more connection, which will push our daily lives into something that used to be incomprehensible a mere decade ago.

Here, we’ve outlined a number of technological advancements to expect in 2017.

Bigger Data

The big data is as important for the business world of today, as the Internet was for the business world of the late 90s. If you weren’t on Google on the turn of the millennium, you basically did not exist. Also, if your business’s HR department is not using the big data for hiring, you are going to have a hard time. Big data algorithms have forever changed the landscape of business, allowing companies to assess their potential future employees by means of social networking sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Big data, however, is destined to grow even further and many instantaneous traffic patterns are likely to emerge – something that used to take years to build.

The Dawn of the Internet of Everything

The Internet of Things, for those of you who aren’t familiar with it, includes widespread connectivity, which entails technologies such as using your smartphone devices to control appliances throughout your home. The Internet of Everything will connect things, processes, data and people, which is evident from the Apple’s recent introduction of the Home app – the technology that will bring the best out of the HomeKit. You can expect to be able to control everything from security and lights to electronics and A/C units from the comfort of your sofa, using nothing but your smartphone.

Internet of Things

True Mobility

Mobility isn’t only about being able to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible – sometimes it entails not having to commute at all. We are talking about using the shortcut that is the Internet, of course. The benefit of connectivity is very widespread – for example, customers are now able to browse and shop online without ever going to the store and seeing geographically distant friends and relatives is no longer as expensive and tedious as a plane ticket – Skype and Facebook have made sure of this. Additionally, connectivity has managed to seep its way through to the professional world – employees don’t always have to show up for work nowadays, but merely use remote desktop software; in fact, they can work from home altogether! This trend is yet to reach its peak and 2017 is likely to surprise us in these terms even more than we might be expecting.

New Job Trends

The majority of popular jobs are going to lean over to the freelance side – the dream of you being your own boss is finally within reach. The professional benefits that we experience, however, transcend job types – the age old professions are constantly enjoying these innovations. For example, professions such as medicine, piloting, geotechnical engineering, garbage disposal, not to mention programming are likely to experience huge booms in advancement in 2017!

Pocket and Wearable Technologies

Years back, we used our cell phones for calls and texting only. In fact, 3 decades ago having a mobile phone was a bit of a luxury. Nowadays, everyone carries slim, hand-sized pocket computers on their persons – pocket computers that are way more advanced than average desktop PCs from a decade ago. In 2017, we can expect the boom of these devices such as the iWatch, Moto 360 and Google Glass – these neat gadgets can measure your heart rate, the distance from point A to point B that you’ve travelled, and even provide you with a quick access to your smartphone. Oh yeah, they can also tell time.

Technology has managed to find its way into many different aspects of life, from things such as work recruitment and job trends, to day-to-day stuff, such as smartphone and many other gadgets. Some innovations are obvious and omnipresent, while others silently help us improve every professional aspect of the modern-day life.