Fashion IndustryIn the past few years, technology has made it facile for fashion aficionados to go from inspiration to purchase, which has been especially helpful for shoppers and retailers alike.

This, and a lot of other ways have proven that technology has transformed the way we look at the realm of fashion. Since the advancement and development of new technologies designers have really been able to step up their game.

Because of these new technologies it has become easier for designers to really bring their imagination to life. Here are just a few ways technology has helped make that possible.

1. Wearable Technology

With the rise of Google Glass, Nike+ FuelBand, and Apple iWatch, we’ll never look at fashion accessories the same way again. Technology has already transformed the fashion industry. Today, a watch isn’t just a watch that typically tells time, they are now smart devices that could track various information based on your body temperature, motion, location, and could make smart decisions based on data gathered. It really is amazing to see everything such a small piece of technology can accomplish.

2. The Power of Online Content

Technology made it evident that exemplary content doesn’t always have to be printed on paper. Many fashion enthusiasts who used to buy magazines have veered away from the glossy sheets and set eyes on their laptops and mobile phones instead for the latest trends, brands, and fashion inspiration. This has led to the rise of several fashion publications and blogs, which presents superb content no less than their glossy counterparts.

3. An Effortless Increase in Sales Because of Instagram

The popular photo sharing app Instagram has been, in one way or another an effective advertising and retail medium, particularly in the fashion department. The rise of the so-called Instagram influencers and bloggers has defined a new way of marketing and advertising fashion brands- effortlessly and naturally.

4. Retail Went on Online

Gone are the days when one should go to an actual brick and mortar store to go shopping. Owning an online store and developing a brand these days could be done in a cinch! Several IT Companies like Ottawa IT Support offer inexpensive business solutions for budding retailers who’d like to set up an online platform tailored exclusively for a certain brand.

5. 3D printing for Fashion Designers

Additive Manufacturing, more popularly known as 3D Printing, is a set of processed used to symphonize a three-dimensional object. This technology is especially useful for fashion designers in crafting intricate clothing without the use of the traditional use pins and pieces of cloth on muslins. Although 3D Printing is a lot more expensive, it is foreseen to be an utterly omnipotent tool in the future.

The world of fashion has revolutionized greatly over the years- from the ladies who must wait for another six months to have a look at the latest issues of Vogue, to a time when, in a matter of seconds, the world already knows what the Kardashians wore that day. In an ever-changing industry, one thing remains true: the love if it.